January 9th 1998

The UK.UFO.NW are currently investigating three strange sightings in the West Midlands area of the UK during the months of January and February 1998.

Sighting No.1

Sighting over Dunlop, Erdington, Birmingham

Sighting No. 1: At 6.20 am on Friday 9th January 1998, rubber worker Stephen was driving himself and his two pals Jim and Derek to work at Dunlop in the Erdington area of Birmingham. The Dunlop plant is part of a large built up area, which includes other factory units. Dunlop's makes rubber tyres for vehicle's including motor cars, racing cars and aircraft. It is also on a major flight path to Birmingham airport situated 5.25 miles away.

Weather conditions on this morning were very good. It was dark. The sky was clear. Both the stars and moon were clearly visible. As they drove towards the entrance of Dunlop they saw a man standing on the street corner looking into the night sky. They followed his gaze and saw a stationary single flashing red light. The darkness behind the light appeared to show the outline of an aircraft or it may have been a triangular shape?

Work time was pressing so they had to move on. Unfortunately the man standing at the corner has not as yet been identified. Although a busy airline route Steve who is an avid aircraft spotter and knows his planes stated "It had only one flashing red light on and the rest was in darkness. I'm not sure what it may have been".

This article used with permission and taken from the United Kingdom UFO Network Bulletin Issue 90.


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