February 13th 1998

The UK.UFO.NW are currently investigating three strange sightings in the West Midlands area of the UK during the months of January and February 1998.

Sighting No.3

Sighting over Small Heath, Birmingham

Sighting No. 3: At 6.00 pm on Friday 13th February 1998, June was in her neighbours south facing kitchen in the Small Heath area of Birmingham. Small Heath is approximately 3 miles from Birmingham airport.

June stood in her next door neighbours kitchen with three other witnesses when they became aware of an extremely bright light that they could see due south through the kitchen window. It appeared to be hovering over Digby Park and remained there stationary for approximately 15 minutes. By naked eye the object appeared to be a diamond shape. When viewed through binoculars the object was too bright to define a shape. An aircraft was seen to travel towards it or at least in that direction. As it got closer the light from the object: "went out and it shot off but it shot off at such a speed and there was all sort or red lights on it" said June "actually the way it shot off I expected it to crash into the church at the top of the road and I ran actually from the back door to the front to see if I could still see it but it had gone." June told us that as the object moved off at speed a number of red lights could be seen which appeared to be moving around the object.

UK.UFO.NW are continuing with enquiries. One point worth mentioning is that June who lives quite close to Birmingham International Airport is very used to seeing aircraft flying near to her house. She is also used to seeing the West Midlands Police helicopter with it's powerful search light. Her 'UFO' was not like any of these.

This article used with permission and taken from the United Kingdom UFO Network Bulletin Issue 90.


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