March 9th 1998

Flying Triangle Over M5 Motorway

Report submitted by Dave Dunworth UK Director SI Inc. This report came in at 23:15 09 March 1998

At aprox, 19:45 until 20:00 last night Monday 09th March 1998 a Mr M Peast Mr D Matthews and Mrs J York were travelling south bound on the M5 Motorway heading towards Exeter UK SW.

They were aprox 39 Miles from Exeter when Mr Matthews spotted what appeared to be a star in the south at a height of about 30,000 feet. As he watched the star it began to move just like a conventional aircraft with no obvious signs of erratic movement or obvious navigation lights just a small glistening not unlike a star. Mr Matthews alerted his companions and asked for their opinion, all were watching to try and identify the object that resembled a star and hanging in the same position for the last 5 mins. As they travelled on the object manoeuvred around and descended about 3,000 feet to display an array of bright white lights with a red light in the centre or the tail section, it was difficult to be exact, as the object was some distance away at that time. They began to take all the information and asses what they were actually looking at, just then the craft descended from a height estimated at 25,000 feet to a height of 5,000 feet within a couple of seconds and displayed a vertical lift manoeuvre which showed the shape of the craft as being triangular, the lights on the craft by this time became much more discernible. The craft displayed three highly luminescent white lights that were very bright and in the centre there appeared to be a large section of reddish coloured light that pulsated in intensity. The craft was about the size of a jumbo jet in our estimation although it was difficult to give an accurate account of its size. As the craft climbed they described seeing a small kind of yellow and orange glowing ball that dropped from the reddish area of the craft. This glowing balls of light shot off at high speed towards the south and was immediately followed by the triangular shaped craft. The ball compared to the craft was about the size of a tennis ball but as it moved so fast it's hard to give accurate information on the exact size.

Both the craft and the ball of light rapidly disappeared from view into the night sky and all were left with an incredible feeling of wonderment at what they had seen.

The motorway was steady with traffic and as this unfolded, other motorists must have also witnessed this because the traffic slowed down and everyone that passed us had their eyes on the sky at that time.

We watched this for about 15 minutes and by the motorway signs had travelled about 9 miles at an average speed of 50 mph.

Thanks to Mr Matthews who gave me this information.

If anyone out there has also witnessed this event I would be very pleased to hear from you.

Source: Dave Dunworth UK Director Skywatch International Incorporated thegreenhouse@netmatters.co.uk

This article used with permission and taken from the United Kingdom UFO Network Bulletin Issue 90.


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/uk/980309.shtml