Christchurch, Dorset, England

March 11th 1998

UFOINFO E-mail Report

Hello there, I am not easily swayed when it comes to talking about other life from wherever, but I saw at 04-30 hrs on March 11th 1998 a very large orange disc or sphere, it appeared as a disc to me but could have been spherical, at approx. 15degrees to where I was peering around the side of my house. I was actually slightly afraid 'it' might see me I suppose and I watched it for about five or six minutes, not being able to make up my mind whether to dash indoors for my camera, binoculars, camcorder or wake my wife up to see the object.

Well after as I have said, about five or six minutes of indecision the object simply seemed to close like the shutter on a camera and as it did so turned brilliant white and was gone, so quick. The sky was clear and I then ran indoors for my binoculars but could see nothing. I told a few people about my experience and was ridiculed so took it no further.

What I would like to know is - has any other person witnessed a similar bright orange object such as the one I saw. There was no sound by the way and no misty kind of halo around the object such as can be seen sometimes around the moon for example.
Hoping someone has some info for me.

Follow-up information from Brain Vike:

Hello Brian, I will attempt to answer your questions regarding the object I saw. Firstly you must understand this was 04-30hrs, very early in the morning for most and no aircraft would have been permitted to fly at that time.

The object was absolutely stationary and the colour was very close but perhaps a fraction darker than the street lights used in the area. The distance off the ground was perhaps one or two thousand feet but very difficult to estimate accurately without knowing the size of the object, the weather was very quiet and still and the sky clear because I could see stars around. When the object disappeared it did not move from it's location but simply vanished as I described previously just seeming to close like a camera shutter and turning brilliant white as it did so and this happened very quickly, perhaps in less than a second.

I thought later that it might be that the orange light was concentrated into a very small space making it appear white but that is only speculation on my part. The entire time I watched the object it did not move either up or down or towards me or away. The 'thing' seemed to be very close to me but if I had to put a distance on it from my location I would say probably about a mile.There is a civilian airport six miles in the opposite direction but no night flying is permitted and there would certainly not have been anything like the object I saw.

It had a profound effect on me I can tell you. I did not notice any animals acting up at the time. I will try to draw what I saw and e-mail it to you. I hope this is of interest, Regards.

[UFOINFO thanks Brian Vike & HBCC UFO Research for the follow-up.]


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