Enniskillen, County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland

April 10th 1998

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Name: Peter Cresswell

Location: Enniskillen, County Fermanagh, N.Ireland

Date: April 10 1998.
   something else happened this year. Some type of probe nearly crashed in my back garden (and made me rich)

Approach Direction: dont know

Departure Direction: turned right a bit towards airport/Military base

Witness Direction: It went over my head

Description: see: http://www.azuredoor.freeserve.co.uk/Historical/gigantic_black_triangle_ufo_see.htm

Color/Shape: Triangular Black with star like light at each corner

Height & Speed: seemed about 60/100 feet but must have been much higher. Bycylce speed

TV/Radio/Press: Ministry of Defence. Daily Mirror ran a section without my permission after they had ran a story the day before. All details/press cuttings on the enclosed website.

Follow-up information from Brian Vike:

Hi Brian,

I thought I had posted it on your website some years ago, but if it is not there feel free to add it to your reports. It was only when noticing somebody else had reported seeing the same craft a year later i noticed that if i had done it was not in the sightings reports. The web site i sent you with the link pages / MOD letters etc' is not my web site as I would not have a clue about setting up a site but when the story with my name got in the Mirror I found that local people were making up their own versions of what happened to me without knowing, so when my wife died I decided to go public and release it worldwide to have the real story logged, and have since built up a lot of contacts of people who are involved with UFOs. The Azuredoor site was not the first, but he was prepared to put in the MOD letters with newspaper clippings with the DATES which were VERY important to me as the report of mine to the MOD was 17 dayes before the Mirror and the other papers thet ran their stories. I would be curious where they got the original story from (suspect BUFORA possibly) and what, if any of the military aircraft side of the story was logged (if it was true). So far i have not been able to find out. This has not been the end of what has happened to me though.

More recently on the 6th March at 21:10 this year some type of probe nearly made me rich by crashing in my back garden. Since the first sighting I have been flashinng a very bright torch in 3 flash intervals vertically into the sky to hopefully show them "I know you are there", on any clear night (rare around here) and on the 6th March while out in the garden looking for UFOs a peculiar object came "very slowly 1-2 mph" over my roof" . It had two orange lights one on each end which were obviously joined together in some way (as the front light went to the left the back light would go to the right and the same when it moved back to the left, in unison together). It was struggling to stay up, just avoiding the tree next door which is about 7-10 Metres high and frankly I was willing the thing to crash, as for a minute great wealth was floating in front of my eyes if I could have got my hands on it. I could not make out what was in between the two lights as the torch was in the house and i was transfixed on what was happening which was obviously another alien craft of some kind . It only seemed to be about 3 metres long but hard to gauge. After a half a minute though it seemed to regain control and did a complete U turn and went back the way it had come. It was obviously being guided by intelligence (either from within if it was bigger than i thought) or from elsewhere. I ran to phone a friend who is really into UFOs (and lives two miles away) and told him what I had just seen and told him to get outside immediately as i suspected that it was probably a probe, and in that case the "Mother Ship" would not be far away. I went back into the garden and within 2-3 minutes a single orange light steaked across the sky at high altitude but fast and then did a gentle turn to the right. I rang my friend back again and asked him if he had seen it, to which he replied he had and so had his father (a non believer) I returned to the garden for another Half hour but nothing else happened so I went back inside. At 23:25 my friend rang me back and told me he had jusy seen the triangle (with his mother this time) high up and moving slow. The next Morning while shopping in town I ran into a friend (the local reporter friend of mine who I refused an interveiw with in the 1998 sighting) and told her that we had "Activity in the area last night" and much to my astonishment she told me herself and her boyfriend had seen an extremely bright light high in the sky the same day but in the morning at about 09:00am which they could not explain. She asked me again would i do an interveiw and this time I agreed but under the condition that my name remained anonymous, but her Editor would not run the story unless I approved of my name being used, and I am not interested in being ridiculed. Personally i am convinced they are here all the time but could be hiding at the far side of the moon or under the sea or even crossing dimensions. They could be from many other galaxies which would explain the many differeny types of crafts . They could even be us from the future, time travelling. Who knows. What is obvious is the fact that they have been coming to this planet from long before we were here and without a doub ALL governments know about it in spite of their denials. Personally i think that is where we came from which is a much more plausable explanation than some "Man in the sky with a white beard taking ribs out of men to make women etc' ". I am also convinced that the "Probe" was no coincidence and had been sent down to see who was signalling. I still do.

Also this January I wrote to the MOD in a carefully worded letter (advised by Nick Pope) asking if anybody else had reported either 1 week before to 1 week after the same thing i had reported in 1998. Under the freedom of information act they informed me that there were 2 reports. 1 from BUFORA from several reported sightings from its members and another report from being seen over Regents Park, London. I have written to BUFORA and i am waiting on a reply.

[UFOINFO thanks Brian Vike & HBCC UFO Research for the follow-up.]

[UFOINFO Note: Paul's website Project Azure Door has a section devoted to sighting reports from Northern Ireland.]


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