July 12th

MONDAY 12th July 98: Royston, Hertfordshire, 7:10pm A witness reported, seeing 8-10 football size disks, hovering above a field, along side the main A505 Rd, coming from Royston to Baldock. The witness, was driving at the time of veiwing the objects, and had first veiwed them from the A10 Royston roundabout. The objects were, interacting with each other, and were seemingly contained in a circle of air. At no time, did the objects move from the same space, and their movement seemed, UN flowing and electrical?. The objects were, hovering just above the peak of the hill. ELUFON has checked out the hill, which has turned out to be a public golf course. We held a sky watch, on the course this Saturday night, and were treated to a spectacular view of the whole area. The witness sighting, lasted approx, 2mins. As it was still early evening and was pretty light out, the objects were catching the fading sunlight.As the witness described, a silver and white colour coming off of the objects. The witness said, in no way were these seagulls, or balloons, because the movement was so unusual. We are currently hoping for more reports, from the mentioned area. When the area was checked out, it seems that the golf course may be part of an ancient landscape. The witness was unable to stop, due to the busy nature of the road, the A505 is a main artery road from Baldock, to Cambridge. We will post further updates on this sighting when and as they arrive.

Roy Hale

Article originally posted on UFO UpDates.


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