July 19th 1998

SUNDAY 19th July 98: Vauxhall, Central London 3:30am

Two witnesses, reported seeing, two golden orange luminous looking objects, as they were leaving a friends house.

The objects came from the South and were heading East. At first they, thought it may have been a strobe light of some kind, but were taken aback by the, movements of the objects.

The objects seemed, to be almost as one object, and would then split apart and then, act pretty wild in their movements. The witnesses, said they had never seen anything like it before, and are now convinced that they were, not from here.

The objects were, veiwed for about 1 minute:45 seconds, and then dissapeared over the adjoining, buildings. This sighting, sounds very much like the one, that appears on the Quest Video, Hard Evidence 2, with the report coming from the Sheffield area, please correct me if I am wrong.

At this time, we are ruling out light Aircraft, although London City Airport, is only 10 mins, away but this is not on their flight path. We are waiting, for an more in depth interview, and will update the info on this case as it arrives.

Roy Hale

Article originally posted on UFO Updates


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