December 16th 1998

Marc Bell
December 16th 1998

Enclosed is the latest sighting we have had reported, it is also by one of our members.

DATE: 16/12/98

TIME: between 9.05 - 9.10am GMT

LOCATION: Manthorpe Road (leading into Brewery Rd, London SE18 England)

OTHER WITNESSES: the witnesses 2 children

SKY: clear blue, slight patchy cloud, mainly near horizons

SUN: below building height, but light condition


OBJECT: solid, white cylinder, smooth, but reflective surface, with rounded ends, no visible wings, markings or other appendages, no trail. (descibed as 'like a slow moving missile)

DURATION: approx 1 minute (no watch)

SPEED: slower than a normal aircraft (this is usually quite a busy flightpath & within 2 miles of the Docklands City Airport). Speed remained constant and the object finally disappared into thin cloud cover near the horizon.

DIRECTION OF TRAVEL: from Abbey Wood towards central London, in a dead straight line (East to West). Commercial aircraft in this area are usually: a) small light aircraft (from Docklands City Airport) b) banking (part of 'stacking') coming in & out of Heathrow c) at very high altitude

AIR TRAFFIC: none at time

SIZE: Dave said it was hard to estimate as there was no way to judge its actual distance, 'if it was in a normal aircraft flightpath it would have been about the size of a 737 at about 2-3 thousand feet, but thats just a guess'.

ACTION: (so far) approached other London based research groups (inc: London UFO Studies etc) for any collaborative reports & Heathrow airport for aircraft & radar details (Docklands City Airport, refer all sightings on to Heathrow).

Dave is a 3D commercial graphics artist with extensive experience in modelling aircraft for computer games. He says his initial thought was Iraq was bombing London!

We would be interested to hear of any other confirmations in the London area in connection with this sighting.... if there are any?

All the best, Marc Bell - Woolwich UFO Research Group

Report taken from the UFO UpDates Mailing list and used with permission


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/uk/981216.shtml