July 18 1999

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hi, myself and my 26yr old son witnessed what we believe to be a genuine ufo..,july 18 1999 ,11.10pm..clear sky ...quite simply we saw directly above, an oval 'softly'lit object, which quickly turned to a delta shape, at the same time moved in fast jerks for a spell, it then veered right (almost 180 degrees) into the vicinity of lutons landing airspace, before disappearing behind roof tops,..

size ..5p at arms length..no flashing lights, absolutely no sound,.in view 10-12 secs..ive been trying ever since, for someone to give us a creditable explanation, several have suggested 'a balloon or plastic bag'! even if you could see it, it would be extremely large and able to go against the wind direction!, at the time we reported it to the police (because it was in the luton airspace) strangely they rang back 30 mins later for further details, we've heard nothing since!

naturally despite spending hours out in the dark and sometimes cold, we've never seen anything like it again, although as i said it was merely 10-12 secs, you just have to be 'looking in the right place at the right time', hope you found this interesting,...steve of hemel

Follow-up Information From Brian Vike:

Thanks for replying,

in answer to your queries, you have to remember we were stood outside the back door and we have neighbors roofs to contend with!

the object was first spotted by my son, who thought it suddenly appeared from an aircraft traveling approx S to N they are usually at least 2 or 3 miles away, it was fairly low so it would have been heading for the Luton 'stack' (to our east), the UFO then traveled on its own course S to N, it then went beyond rooftop, I then appeared on the scene, (a matter of seconds really)

I was listening to sons description, when it appeared directly above traveling N to S, I guessed at the object being several thousand feet up, about the same as the afore mentioned aircraft, it first flew in a steady mode and then changed into a delta in a smooth transaction and suddenly moved in fast jerks for a while, I really don't know how to describe how I saw it, to me it was like watching a type of jellyfish deep in the ocean, (translucent ) but to my eyes it had a sort of bubbling effect within its whole structure, similar to looking in a pan of boiling luminous water, it then carried on with a smooth flight, all about the same speed, until it went behind neighbors roof, it may well carried on in a zig zag pattern but the last we saw it was heading for Luton airports landing airspace.

I believe my estimate of height and speed would be, it was the size of a fighter 4-5 000 feet high @3-400 mph, of course I can only really guess, but I'm sure within myself it wasn't lower than the aircraft aforesaid.

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