July 25th 1999

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Name: Alexander

Location: Billingham Cleveland TS23 United Kingdom

Date: 10am Sunday Morning 7/25/1999 GMT

Approach Direction: Object dropped directly down, then stopped in mid-air.

Departure Direction: SE Towards the Cleveland Hills

Witness Direction: South

Description: Solid black triangular monolith. Seemed to be rotating. When I first saw it, I orginally thought it was a black bin liner. However, the object didn't seem to effected by the wind and continued to drop down in a straight line. The object came down approximately 200 metres from where I was looking.

Color/Shape: Solid Black. Rotating, no noticeable markings. The object didn't make any noise.

Height & Speed: About the height of a telephone box. It hovered for only a matter of seconds before heading SE towards the Cleveland Hills. It moved away at around 10 - 15 miles/hour


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