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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

July 26th 1999 : Haywards Heath, Sussex, England

Haywards Heath UFO Sighting

Sussex, England

26th July 1999

10:15PM BST

Date: 26th July 1999 - 10:15PM BST

Haywards Heath, Sussex, England

Over a clear sky, with light pollution and the moon clearly illuminating any clouds, what a friend and I saw was what seemed to be a white speck of light, like a star, travelling in a straight line across the sky. It reached the little cloud visible and was flying well over it when it sped up and started to dim and get smaller until it disappeared. I doubt it was a plane, because it had no flashing lights - something which I presume to be the norm on all planes. Plus it was flying rather fast for a passenger plane. We saw it in the sky for about 1-2mins approx. I'm trying my best not to seem phoney but it was as if once we had seen it, it seemed to want to leave fast.

Name: Niz Sirisena

UFOINFO thanks to Dave Ledger and UFO Scotland for passing on this sighting report.