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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

August 5th 1999 : Nelson, Lancashire, England

Nelson UFO Sighting

Lancashire, England

5th August 1999


Sighting of a single bright light in the sky.

From my Kitchen window it just appeared in a N NE position. There were no other flashing lights visible ie like that of a helicoptor. I could not hear any sound at all. The height of the object was about 400 ft. Visible for about 30 seconds and then the light went out like a light bulb as if it accelerated away from me at an amazing speed. It could not be a helicoptor as It would have been audible and other flashing lights would have been visible. I have also ruled out the possibility of this being an aeroplane as it was too low and the light dissapeared too quickly.


UFOINFO thanks Dave Ledger and UFO Scotland for passing on this sighting report.