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UFO Sighting Report - USA

November 2nd 1999 : Wootton/Humberside, England

Wootton/Humberside Sighting

Chris Evers

November 2nd 1999

Reports of a gigantic UFO, said to be “Larger than a four bedroom house”, hovering 150-200ft in the air, close to Humberside International Airport’s main flight path, were passed to me twenty minutes after the witness, saw the unusual craft.

Our witness, who was traveling alone, on her way home from work, was approaching the village of Wootton, north of Humberside International Airport, when she noticed a series of unusual lights in midair.

The witness and her partner both have experience of aircraft, having 18 years experience of both piloting, and flying, between them, they had just recently returned from a holiday in the USA, where they had hired aircraft to do some touring. “I am used to my partner pointing out airplanes and helicopters to me, so I do know what they look like.” she said.

She first noticed a series of bright multicoloured lights flashing in the night sky.
“The lights were coloured red, green, yellow and blue,” she said, “it was the blue lights that were unusual.”
They were so unusual she even missed her usual turn off on the road, and she over shot this by several yards.

Getting out of her car to get a better view of the mysterious object, she noticed a Vauxhall Nova, screeching to a halt, to also view the object, this vehicle was coming from the opposite direction. Immediately behind her, she saw a wagon stopping to take in the view of the craft.

The craft was as big as a four bedroom house and was lit up from underneath by the lights, which continued to flash on and off. “But absolutely silent as it hovered in the air about 150-200 feet up.” she said.
“Suddenly,” she continued, “a very bright, white, light shone down from the craft, and illuminated a farm house. The farm house was also a surprise, as I have lived here for several years now and I didn’t know it was there. After several seconds, it just went suddenly dark as the lights, ALL of them just blinked out like nothing had been there, at all!
I am currently investigating this case so will provide a more detaile account of events in the next issue of UFO-FTL

I am also trying to find out how many other UFOlogist's (UK based) had sightings reported on the same day and time.


Chris Evers