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Dear ufoinfo, this is my UFO story from 1956 to the present day, it contains the more important sightings that convince me there is a reality that exists alongside us. Ufomonthly.com published a version of this recently.

I was in my bedroom in a house not far from St. Mary Cray Railway Station. The view was of the houses at the bottom of the garden with the gasometers(?) (big gas tanks) rising above their roofs. I seem to remember I was ill so was kept upstairs. The weather was cloud just breaking up with small blue patches, the skies improved through the day. Living close to Biggin Hill I used to watch the aircraft and had an interest in them as at that time you could still see the Spitfires and other propeller planes plus the new emerging jet planes, I did have an interest in the stories of flying saucers as well. The sighting, late morning, was very brief but everlasting. Looking out of the window for planes there was a blue patch directly in front about 2 o’clock high as I glanced at it I saw an object just like a bright light bulb pass across the gap; its speed could only be described as faster than any jet plane that I had seen. I told my father what I had seen (I cannot remember if he was home at the time) and he said I should report it to the Daily Mirror that day (August 13th, I think). We got a copy of the A-Z of London and rotated it in line with the nearby main road and railway line, from this we decided on the direction the object had travelled.

We decided that it had come from the direction of Orpington and would have passed over Greenwich an almost South to North direction. So armed with this information my eldest brother (I was not allowed out, mumps I think!) took some pennies from my father and with the number of the Daily Mirror went to the red telephone box by the railway bridge.

We scoured the papers over the next few days but saw no mention of my sighting. A little while after my brother (Ivan) received an envelope from the Daily Mirror containing a 10 shilling postal order and a slip of paper which was typed saying that the postal order was payment for the reported sighting of a UFO (Flying Saucer) only a couple of lines and the amount of 10/- was typed over a blue area of printed characters designed to stop alteration on the back of the paper was a patch of black ink as used on carbon paper behind the blue box. This piece of paper I kept until the early seventies, and then I mislaid it. This event became general knowledge among my family, and now and again I would take the slip of paper to school. The only way I can fix the date is by memory and the fact that I took the slip of paper into school on my first day of term in September just after when it happened.

Later in the seventies I bought a magazine called Countdown a children’s comic but it stated it had an article inside on a real UFO sighting in 1956 straight away I knew there was a connection. I still have the article written by Charles Bowen.

This article also referred to the Condon Report and said the case was known as ‘Greenwich’ (Case No. 2, pages 248-256) there was also reference in the Report on pages 163-164 which named the bases as Lakenheath?Bentwaters. I have e-mails from Jenny Randles which she says the ‘Greenwich’ title comes from the Americans habit of zoning reports geographically and Greenwich means Britain as Pacific would mean any island or country in that area I replied that although I did not dispute this rule in general I would like to believe that my sighting was in some small way connected.

Similar sightings followed even one which appeared to show a formation of triangular craft in November of 1956 (Orpington) and then in ’59 or ’60 a small UFO buzzing a Constellation airliner high in the summer sky above Swanley, Kent.

The next memorable/frightening sighting took place on October 28th, 1980, between 4.40 and 4.55pm.


On October 28th, 1980, at 4.40pm I was standing on Peckham Rye station. Looking into the clear sky I noticed a bright light almost directly above me bright enough to attract attention. Although late in the afternoon it could not have been a star, the sun was very low on my right and any stars Venus, Mercury would have been low in the sky. As I observed the stationary light it became apparent that there was a black smudge below it. This became a longer line in a very tight corkscrew descent; the light remained in the sky. I watched this line fall for about eight minutes tightly twisting, thinking to myself if it was an IBM there wasn’t much point in running, it was quite scary.

I would estimate that about 30,000ft (passing plane height) it broke/split into three still falling, the light still in the sky on top of the black line way up in the sky unmoving. While falling and slightly fanning out the three lines/objects flattened their descent at about a 1000ft and soared off to the south east, south and south west and out of sight in seconds, just like a Red Arrow bomb burst display. Start to finish 10 minutes the light still in the sky not moved an inch, perhaps you could work out the height of the light from the time of the descent. I tried to phone Bufora and Heathrow but with no luck, phones just rang. About this time tapes recording radar contacts were removed by the MOD from RAF Neatishead this again happened after the Rendlesham Forest incident in following December/January.

September 1987 a friend called me and pointed out small pin pricks of light flashing in an area of space that would easily have been covered by a new penny at arms length (like a tiny set of xmas lights). This was over Dungeness in Kent.

IN March 1993 on my way home from work early morning about 3 ish, (Bickley, Kent) I saw a green beam of light shoot up into the sky at an angle of 45/50 degrees it could only be observed when it passed through the low cloud. Within seconds s ball of flame came crashing through the clouds belching smoke, passing quite low from my right to left, I was on a motorbike and intended to phone the emergency services when I got home, but then decided if it reached the ground they would already be aware. I spoke to a reporter at work the next day who promised to look into it, but later he did not want to talk about it. My thoughts were that: (a) a laser/energy beam had destroyed a target; (b) a laser had been used to pinpoint a target that was shot down by some other means; (c) a meteor had triggered a Star Wars defence system as it entered the atmosphere. Laser light is usually invisible until it passes through cloud or smoke or strikes an object this can give the impression that a beam is travelling in the opposite direction (i.e.) rolling cloud or vapour can make it appear that rays/beams are shooting out of an object, when in fact the beams are focused on it.

I mention these events because I don’t believe that the military would have target practice over London, so I either saw objects crashing or deliberately shot down in defence of the capital city. A friend of mine who worked at a weapons establishment in Bickley says that London is the safest place on this earth with a protective umbrella over it.

After walking my dog one day in June 1995 my neighbour and I observed a bright object buzzing a jumbo jet that had just left Heathrow it was swinging about below the plane. As we watched it left the plane behind and flew towards us, as it passed overhead we could see it plainly, it was disc shaped with a wobble in flight the top section was a brownie red and underneath was silver, about the size of a Gnat jet trainer.

MARCH 1997 four unusual contrails travelled from west to east over South London then turned south.

The difference with this set of trails was that they were in a box formation, this was a vertical box, the clear blue sky could give no indication of height, but no craft were visible, also because of the presumed high altitude, they must have been travelling very fast. As they moved across the sky and turned south the upright box shape became apparent.

A Squadron Leader (RAF) wrote that he has never come across this formation and did not know what purpose it served.

THIS strange formation of cloud was observed over the middle of Kent viewed from Bluebell Hill.

Two flat clouds at different height were connected by three straight vapour trails, giving the impression that a laser or heat source had pierced the lower cloud and vapour was rising along thermal channels to form a new cloud at a higher level. The straightness of the vapour trails ruled out aerobatics of any type and height of clouds dismisses conventional target practice.

Laser beams fired in quick succession would seem to be a possible answer, although normally invisible in daylight their presence given away by these two artificial clouds that appeared in an otherwise clear sky.

A METEOR, UFO or film damage, this image appeared on a photograph taken from the beach area towards Malaga airport.

Unseen at the time, this amazing shot was discovered in holiday photos taken in September 2000 on the Costa del Sol.

A year earlier one late night in Benal Medina an object was seen travelling over the town and burning out before falling into the sea. It streaked over from behind the town before spluttering like a spent firework over the sea. The local press reported later that a defective missile fired by the military had caused a fire in the National Park behind Malaga, although on the right night surely a military missile did not travel over one of Spain’s holiday hotspots.

PASSENGER jets appear to pass close to a stationary object in the skies over Bromley. At 17.50pm on July 13, 2002, an object was seen conspicuous by its lack of movement. Its size can only be estimated against the size of aircraft in the same area of sky at the time. As the planes passed by the size appeared to be about as big as from tip to wing (half the front cabin area), as it can be assumed that something this size would have been seen it follows that it must have been at a higher altitude. If it was higher than it must have been bigger probably on the edge of space. The object was round (sphere) with a dark shadow or reflection on the lower left edge it stayed in the same place for 25 minutes (observed time) although it appeared smaller and brighter towards the end. A very thin moon was a few degrees to the right at much the same elevation, initially unseen behind cloud.

Later that month it was claimed that a second moon had been discovered which in turn was dismissed as a large piece of Saturn rocket space junk.

ON Sunday, May 4th, 2003 at 10.18 am I observed this aerial effect possibly caused by a meteorite. From start to finish was not more than three minutes. Looking North from Bickley, Kent, into a lightly hazy blue sky I saw two small puffs of black cloud appears from behind a wide thin patch of cloud (like a contrail that has begun to dissipate), these at once spread into a thick bellowing white cloud similar to steam/smoke from a factory. This then turned into a black shape resembling a swordfish or dolphin before breaking up. As this happened in a sky that showed no sign of rain and in less than three minutes I presume it was a small meteorite exploding over Essex or even farther up over the sea.

At 21.16 on June 23, 2003, while watching the planes and swallows and swifts in the fading blue sky, I noticed one black dot wasn’t moving. It was higher than the planes, but this black, slightly egg-shaped, orb was stationary in the sky. The two aircraft gave a focal point as they crossed one a lot higher, the object above them both so must have been fairly large. I don’t think it was a balloon (basket type) because of its height in relation to the planes. It was directly due east on the compass at about 10 o’clock high and observed for 4 minutes. The week before I observed a something similar about the same time of evening but this was in the North West and was bright enough to shine through light cloud. It just caught the sun’s rays just like a mirror peaking then fading but stationary; I observed it long enough to check it was not an aircraft with landing lights on coming directly towards me.

On July 15, 2003, at 3.10pm over Petts Wood, Kent, a glint in the sky gave me my best daylight sighting of a sphere that has been taunting me for over a year. The flash of light took my eyes to a point just east of top centre then was gone, my wife annoyed at my gazing instead of listening asked what I was looking at, I replied a plane to explain my actions. Then, in a different area, a movement caught my eye again and there it was, a sphere, but this one was not a black orb stationary in the sky like a few weeks ago or the silvery one from June last year. This sphere was a brilliant turquoise only slightly lighter in colour than the sky itself, in fact I predicted to the other observers when it would fade from sight in the lighter sky either side of top centre which it did on cue. It was the best colour match one could expect to see. The sighting lasted from first glint to fade in just about two minutes. Everyone agreed that it was very high and its size and intensity of colour ruled out a child’s balloon or even a conventional basket balloon. There was something odd, though, behind/above the sphere there was a black area just distorting its round shape too small to make out. Is this colour matching just reflection or is it camouflage?


Travelling back from Majorca (March 15, 2004) on Flight 344B from Palma having just passed over the Pyrenees about GMT 10.25 (my watch). I was looking out of the window right side when I saw a vapour trail diving straight down a few hundred yards away, it was almost black but golden coloured on the sun side. The odd thing apart from being close to the plane and diving was that the bottom of the trail was almost level with the aircraft. Although I told my wife it was a meteorite which was my first impression because of its closeness to the plane and I could not see a cause. Then it became apparent that our plane must have been tracking it because if it was dropping/diving I should have lost sight of the bottom of the trail, but we observed it for about 11/2 minutes through the same window (I used clouds to give perspective and orientation), eventually the contrail angled and levelled out and a small black object flew back behind the plane (still level) until out of sight. Because of its size another aircraft should be ruled out unless it was a small jet trainer doing a massive loop the loop.

I can assure you it was close enough to be a near miss if it was a craft, but as I say our plane seemed to be tracking with it with no sudden movements. Its size when seen was small, car size, definitely not bigger than the Jet Trainer.

E*** R***, Bromley, Kent

AT 11.03 am on April 23 rd, 2004, while looking west from Bromley at a large plane, banking and climbing from Heathrow, two very bright objects could be seen above and behind it. The reason they were worth watching was that they were very reflective and slow moving.

The brightest and largest object slowly made its way easterly, looking as if it was tumbling or rotating. Directly overhead the object gave off a star shape flare from the sun’s reflection but seemed to have a solid coffin type shape. The other object was in its original position more or less, it was either way behind, which made it look smaller, or a lot higher still. It made small progress easterly, this whole event took about ¼ hour. Five minutes later, scanning the skies again, a new object, or the back of one of the original two, was observed in the east. This one was slightly oval, black in colour (shadow) with a slight red tinge on the right side. Lost sight due to rooftops and trees. These objects were not basket type hot air balloons, although they were high enough for weather balloons. They were flying over Heathrow and Gatwick flightpaths.

TO: enquiries@metoffice.com Subject: balloons

Hello, Could you please answer a question for me: Did two weather ballons pass over London on April 23 between 11 am and 11.20 am travelling south (south east) guessing one higher than the other travelling quite slowly.

FROM: customercentre@metoffice.com Subject: RE: balloons Date: 07 May 2004 05:45 Thank you for your enquiry requesting information on weather balloons.

Basically what you have found is a weather balloon, also know as a radiosonde. These are launched from several locations around the UK and rest of the world around 4 times per day. The nearest station to the north of London is near Nottingham and the usual launch times for balloons at this time of day is approximately 1130 so it seems unlikely it was a weather balloon.

The balloons are filled with Helium and have a box containing weather instruments (a radiosonde) attached to them. When the balloon is launched it can reach heights of 25,000 m and travel long distances. As the balloon rises, pressure decreases and the balloon keeps expanding, until eventually it bursts, and the parachute allows it to fall to the ground gently.

During its flight the balloon is tracked by radar to measure wind speed and direction. The instruments in the radiosonde send back measurements of temperature, pressure and moisture in the atmosphere. Kind Regards Mike

Customer Centre, Met Office, FitzRoy Road, Exeter, Devon, EX1 3PB, United Kingdom. Tel: 0870 900 0100 Fax: 0870 900 5050 Email: customercentre@metoffice.com


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