July 14th 2005

(Or mere bright satellite???)

Location: Simferopol', Autonomous Republic Crimea, Ukraine (south)

I want to report that I saw something strange from my balcony on July 14, 2005, at 21:25 PM (9:25 PM). That was the bright star, emitting yellow-bluish light, flying over the city of Simferopol' (Crimean republican center, south of Ukraine) from north or northwest to southeast, approximately towards Caucasian coast of the Black Sea (towards Georgia). Importantly, the object was different from other common satellites - I saw many satellites that evening, and this object was different, much brighter than common satellites.

The most important: while flying over my house, the object emitted bright flash of light (or 2 bright flashes), rapidly changing its brightness to even more bright, and then returned to the same intensiveness of lighting. The object was moving by even trajectory, not stopping and not maneuvering, that hints that could be just a big satellite that made some maneuver in space, or turned over its axis (the bright light could be just a reflection of Sun rays from panels of the solar batteries). However, that observation is intriguing, and the fact that the object increased its shining flying almost over my house is intriguing, but that could be mere accident coincidence, and nothing unusual.

I am not sure what I saw; I do not state that I saw a UFO, some alien vehicle -I am very careful in conclusions and believe that was mere bright or low-orbital satellite (or possibly, international space station?).

Can anyone check in Internet with the table of orbital satellite's trajectories - to help me establish what kind of object I saw???

[UFOINFO Note: Using the coordinates for Simferopol I checked the Heavens Above daily predictions for satellites of magnitude 4.5 and above which shows the Cosmos 1844 Rocket as one possibility for the sighting.

Another possibility is the International Space Station.

Checking for Iridium flares produced no results.]

The other witness, Vladimir Petrovich Boyko, also the UFO researcher from here, also told me about his numerous, very similar observations this summer. He also believes he saw mere satellite, but he is not sure.

Anton A.Anfalov, Ph.D.
ul. Kyi'bysheva str. 13, kv. 332
AR Crimea

UFOINFO thanks Dr. Anton A. Anfalov for the report.


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