July-August 2005

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Numerous UFOs keep over flying Crimea Autonomous Republic,
South of Ukraine, in this hot UFO summer

Crimean sky is plenty with UFOs, this is incredible, and at least a dozen of UFO sightings have occurred during the last night, and I saw that amazing spectacle amid stars myself! (At the Saturday's evening-night of August 6, 2005, and at night of August 7!)

Before, I want to report about numerous UFO sightings that keep happening over Crimea peninsula in the second half of July 2005 and in early August 2005.

In the middle of July, according to the witness Victor Alexandrovich Zdorov from Simferopol', republican capital, while driving VAZ-2104 "Lada" car of his firm east of the city, he saw the disk-shaped object hovering over the pine forest southeast of Simferopol' water reservoir, incredibly, during daytime. The disk, according to the Zdorov's drawn sketch, had high central dome and broader, protruding flat bottom unit. The disk-shaped craft was vividly metallic. The witness's car was malfunctioning since he appeared "under emanation" from the alien craft, as he asserts. He states that road incidents usually happen in places where UFOs were hovering over not long times before that.

Approximately at the same period of time, between July 11 and 17, 2005, Zdorov reportedly saw another spectacular UFO, shaped like whirligig or humming-top: in a form of high cone installed on the other cone. Both conic forms were vertically elongated. This UFO was reportedly hovering, at least, for several minutes near the hamlet of Komsomol'skoye, to the east of Simferopol' Airport. Other witnesses confirm that UFOs regularly appear near Simferopol' International Airport for years on the regular basis (Airport "Simferopol'" is the second biggest in Ukraine). Incredibly, Zdorov states that entities from this arrived craft entered into contact with him during daytime, while he was in his office in Komsomol'skoye, and they are scaly reptoid or lizard-like beings with 4 fingers.

Also on about July 16-17, 2005, another witness, Artyem A. Benda, UFO researcher from Ukrainian city of Zaporozhye, while resting in the hamlet of Alupka west of Yalta, saw two bright over flights of UFOs in the evenings, out from beyond the mountains over the Black Sea.

He is definitely sure that he saw neither satellites nor airplanes, because the UFOs were emitting very constant bright light and he remarked: "That was the beautiful sight!" He tried to photograph the UFOs, but it is not known yet what had developed (Alupka is near the famous mountain Ai'-Petri, where numerous UFO sightings are reported on the annual basis. (This is not entirely excluded that what he saw was probably International Space Station or low-orbital bright satellites, but further observations defy that explanations).

On Thursday, August 4, 2005, while walking his dog on the Lenina square in the downtown of Simferopol', between the buildings of the Council of Ministers and Ukrainian Dramatic Theatre (close to the Lenin monument), - Victor Zdorov saw the bright object, continuously blinking by red light for 10 minutes, with one interval that lasted for only about 1 or 2 minutes, hovering midair on the very same place towards northeast, probably over Svoboda (Freedom), the northeastern suburb of Simferopol'. This sighting lasted from approximately 21:45 till 21:55. The object couldn't be any kind of airplane's navigation light for sure because it was stationary, on the same place, not moving. Surely, this wasn't any helicopter as well - it was totally soundless and all Simferopol'-based Mi-8 and Mi-2 helicopters were on ground at that time on Zavodskoye airfield. I want to stress that such weird red blinking, stationary hovering, soundless lights are regular guests in Crimean sky, and reported in several other cases.

The most amazing was last night full of UFOs, was when five of us: I am, Victor Zdorov with his son Alexander, UFO researcher Vladimir P. Boyko and Stanislav V. Klimov - went in the Saturday's evening of August 6 to the field (beyond the forest) northeast of Simferopol', near the suburb named Svoboda, and spent the whole night watching the sky in open field covered by straw with 360-degrees panorama of clearly visible space around us. The sky was clear, full of stars, without the Moon. I want to emphasize that the witnesses who were there, including me, are experienced observers, and we are experienced in sightings of aircrafts, satellites, meteors and other common things like that. We all saw civilian airplanes for several times that night, also numerous meteors and regular satellites, but the phenomenon was real and different from anything common. What we saw this night defies explanation. Victor Zdorov told us: "Keep looking, THEY are watching for us", and in several minutes the most fascinating sighting in my life had started. Meteors were frequent, but these objects were absolutely different.

At 21:58 of August 6, 2005, we saw several bright flashes of white light in constellation Big Bear (in Big Dipper). This was definitely neither satellite nor aircraft or meteor. The object was moving very fast, zigzagging across the sky, and again emitted the flash of bright white light under Cassiopeia constellation.

The bright flashes of white or neon-bluish-white light continued in intervals of 15-20 minutes in different parts of the sky. I wonder, how is that possible for satellites, because we didn't see any satellites moving at those parts of the sky, only those amazing bright flashes. At 22:02 we saw the VERY bright object near Vega towards northeast, much brighter than Vega, Venus or Sirius, and it was flashing by impulses and then flew away with big speed. I said out loud: "WOW!" Zdorov told that this is because of the activated pulsating engine of the alien spacecraft that was accelerating into space.

Then at 23:02 the bright flash of light has occurred again towards northeast, and we saw the bright pulsating light that was stationary for a moment and then quickly zoomed up, obviously into space, making a sharp turn upward, with such incredible speed, acceleration and maneuverability that any reasonable skeptic must forget about satellites or aircrafts.

At 01:48 AM of August 7, 2005, the new UFO appeared, blinking for several seconds by yellow light. What we saw was only this yellow light, very unlike navigational lights of any airplane, no any red, green, white lights, which every convenient human aircraft must have. All witnesses concluded that couldn't be any kind of airplane for sure. Satellites, surely, can't blink that regular way and fly that fast as well. The speed of UFO was quite fast. The object was moving high and quick, then departed to southeast and suddenly died out from visibility, like the electric lamp being switched off.

At 03 AM the UFO appeared at sky near the planet Mars that was visible on southeast: the UFO made complete circle, then turned to the right, and went away flying to southwest, towards the Southern Coast of Crimea, to mountains and the Black Sea. Weird bright flashes of strange lights continued.

Also the other weird objects we saw were oblong, oval or disk-shaped shadows or dark masses without lights on them, quickly crossing the sky in various directions. That has happened for several times. For sure, those were not birds or clouds. We saw birds for several times and know what the birds look like at nights.

At 04:15 AM Victor Zdorov and Stanislav Klimov, amazingly, saw three objects, looking like three bright yellow lights of the same intensiveness, moving across the sky to north-northeast one after the other in horizontal line. If those were mere satellites, how the satellites can move in such weird pattern, like trolleybuses on the street?

Immediately after that, three other UFOs appeared: one to the right, one to the left of us and one in the center, looking like bright stars. Suddenly, the right and left objects made sharp turns and flew to the opposite sights, like military fighters disband during air shows; while the central UFO began blinking, accelerated and quickly flew away forward in a straight trajectory.

All objects demonstrated amazing maneuverability and speeds, the ability to move with such fast accelerations that any human pilot in any regular aircraft can't surely sustain such over Gs. All UFOs were totally soundless, surely, unlike aircraft. Apparently, the objects were on high altitudes, exiting to Space or entering terrestrial atmosphere over Crimea. All of this looked like amazingly secret, stealthy aerospace traffic over ignorant sleeping humans. I wonder, what are the reasons for such UFO activity.

Victor Zdorov also reported that before he saw dozens of UFOs starting from Crimean mountains and landing to there, but that is impossible to see that magnificent scene from the heavily populated areas. While seeing that, he was far in the northern part of Crimea, in steppes near the North-Crimea Channel. He states that aliens carefully cover and disguise their presence here, protect their landing sites and crafts by the energy shields, and numerous UFO landings and take-offs from the Crimean mountains can be seen if you go enough far away to the flat plains of north Crimea. The whole amazing thing looks like spaceport, and no persistent attempts were done yet to find the alien portals, "windows" or bases here, despite they must present, as the clear reason of such intensive UFO activity.

That was amazing night in my life. I wonder, how frequent are such sightings here, and people usually don't pay attention to that amazing phenomenon - just go outside the city to the open sky, watch attentively, and incredible sightings start happen here! The local press, most of the "very busy" population and Government officials usually don't pay any attention to incredible UFO activity over our peninsula and simply ignore it. The rumors circulate for years about alien underground bases, portals or "windows" and tunnels here, existing from the times of Atlantis. We don't have any kind of "area's-51" counterpart here, and surely those observations have nothing to do with military tests or laser beams. After years of my personal UFO observations (I saw dozens of UFOs since 1995 here) and after studying hundreds of other UFO reports from here, - I am convinced that Crimea can be rightfully called one of the hottest UFO spots of Eastern Europe.

Sincerely, Yours,
The first-hand witness
Dr. Anton A. Anfalov, Ph.D.
August 7, 2005
ul. Kyi'bysheva str. 13, kv. 332
AR Crimea
95034 Ukraine
Tel. 380 (652) 25-66-90


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