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UFO Sighting Report - Ukraine

April 30th 2008 : Pohrebyshche, Vinnitsa Region

Location: Pohrebyshche, Vinnitsa Region

Date: April 30th 2008

April, 30, 2008. Town Pohrebyshche, Vinnitsa region, Ukraine.

These photos were taken with interval approximately 6 minutes by mobile phones Nokia 6300 and Samsung D900. These photos with the flying object above the pond were accidentally taken by Starinchuk J.V. However, first, the author of the photos thought it was a bird or some kind of error.

Two witnesses proved the verity of these photos: Jaroslav and Alexander.

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo analysis:

Rectangles around object, as well as around trees and clouds, on one of the photos can be explained with JPEG compression method. On the second photo such rectangles are absent, so it proves that the object on analyzed photos was not made with montage or other kind of photo manipulating.

Additional information:

· In about 70 meters, power lines are situated.
· During the WWII, upper the river, in the swamp, two German tanks were drown.

The new information, received on February 06, 2009: in 1980, on the place of flat pond geologic exploration found the deposits of uranium ore.

The phone number of witness: [Removed]

Thank you for attention!

With kind regards Igor and Dima. A group is the "Allukrainian ufological forum".

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