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UFO Sighting Report - Ukraine

Summer 1995/1996 : Gorlovka

UFOINFO E-mail Report

Location: Gorlovka

Date: Summer 1995/1996

UFO in Gorlovka (Ukraine)

Year somewhere 1995-96. I will not remember more precisely. Here co-ordinates (somewhere above this place they flew from my view point) - 48°20'16.16"N 37°58'3.84"E.

They were twirled about five minutes as on the picture 1. Then in turn, very quickly, disappeared "pithily" (pic. 2). If to trust other eyewitnesses, an UFO was observed approximately 2 hours(!), periodically disappearing and appearing, changing the location on 200 and more than meters. Talked, that someone wanted to take a camera, but not had time ))

It was in summer near 8-9 evenings.

Drawing of objects

Around mines, waste banks and etc. And not far away (that most interestingly), careers for getting of mercury (one of the greatest deposits in Europe). 48°20'42.83"N 38° 0'44.43"E.

Thank you for attention!

With kind regards Igor. A group is the "Allukrainian ufological forum".

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