Treinta y Tres

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Uruguay 28.01.2006 | 14.52

Uruguayan Air force investigates possible UFO in the sky in TREINTA Y TRES city.

The commission investigator of UFO accusations of the Uruguayan Air force confirmed that they received several testimonies.

Many people saw luminous spheres that seemed of glass, TREINTA Y TRES city was literally paralyzed.

The phenomenon was also appreciated in the north of MALDONADO city and the Air force investigates the accusations.

The commandant Ariel Sanchez, integral of the commission, informed that the Uruguayan Air force would receive "a video tape will be analyzed to obtain conclusions on these visual contacts."

The appearance of these spheres took place at 01:00 PM last Tuesday January 24 in the sky of the south area of the northern of LASCANO city, on the neighborhoods Gamon, Soria, Jardin and Mevir II, although there is also who say to have observed something strange in the firmament from the General Artigas square.

Report couretsy of Peter Tottle ZS2ABF - SARHUIG.
The South African Ham Radio UFO Interest Group (SAHRUIG)
E-mail: ptottle@qwest.co.za

[Report translated and sent to Peter Tottle from a Radio 'Ham' in Melo city, Uruguay]


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