Treinta y Tres

January 26th 2006

[UFOINFO Note: I have been unable to get mail through to the witnesses server and believe the correct date could be January 24th 2006, the same as the previous report for Treinta y Tres.]

UFOINFO E-mail Report

my name is [deleted] and I'm the director of a small Internet Services Provider of Treinta y Tres, an Small City of Uruguay at 300 Kilometer of Montevideo (capital city) to the East.
Own Geographical Location is at 33ºS/57ºW .-
Well, first than all, sorry my bad english, here we only talk in Spanish.

I don't know if you have interest in this case, but, the problem is that, for me, is the first time that I can see something "unknown fly" on sky.

About 14:00 Hours (02:00 PM) of the Thursday, January 26, many people begin to see to the sky, because were possible to see many "STARS" with a very intensive Bright, and someone quiet and other in Movement (VERY FASTER MOVEMENT) in many direction (to top, bottom, right and left).
This "fenomenon" go on for around 30 minutes.

I have right now the video with this evidences, if you have interest in them just tell me (there is so many digital videos, around 10 minutes each one).

Well, thanks for your attention.

[Waiting to hear from witness regarding videos]


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