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UFO Sighting Report - USA

2000 & 2001 : Wolverton, Minnesota. Winter & October 20th 2007 and October 20th 2008 : Barnesville, Minnesota

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Wolverton, MN; Barnesville, MN

Date: Wolverton Winter 2000 & 2001; Barnesville, approx 10/20/2007 and 10/20/2008

Time: 1. 10-11pm 2. 9pm 3. 12:30am

Number of witnesses: 1. 2; 2. 3 one being a Dr. at NDSU and 3. 1

Number of objects: 1. 1 very large close up and 3 small; 2. 1 very fast Mach 11.5 approx 3. unknown, but did move after verbal

Shape of objects: 1. hard to tell, very large directly overhead, size of navy ship, 150ft up and over house and red river, 2. est. flying at 30,000-80,000ft, moving mach 10+ estimated size 300-1000ft flying wing shape, to fast to be B1 or B2 stealth! But similar color with glowing nose of object

Weather Conditions: Clear night, looking at stars and Venus saying it could be an optical illusion etc...then the object flew from the back of us and was noted by the doctor first and then my friend and I watched in astonishment as it disappeared on its predetermined course into the darkening horizon.

Description: I have drawings and descriptions that I had us all do seperately so we wouldn't influence each others experience and sighting on the Barnesville sightings which are examples 2. and 3.

The Wolverton sightings are multiples and different sightings by a navy seaman and a good friend of mine. I can be reached at [removed] William. Bobby is at [removed]. His sightings back in the early 2000's was experienced by him and his wife. You have to hear about this one! These are multiple sightings and when you see them time and time again, it can be investigated by those that have the time and money. I have encouraged him to get a tripod and digital camera, but he hasn't yet. These sightings are becoming more and more common, and different crafts. I have sighted the one incidence, friends and family have sighted the others and Bobby has sighted the most. Probably because he ends up smoking outside after his kids goes to bed and because he had such a close encounter he is always on the lookout and a believer. "Billy, how can't I be when I saw what I did? It scared the shit out of me and I was scared for me and my kids. I hid under the windowsills waiting to hear noises outside the window, so I could pounce or observe if need be."

TV/Radio: We discussed what we saw in Barnesville, the 3 of us, and an intern at a local TV show (sportsanchor) encouraged us to go to the station with it, but we didn't.