Washington, DC

January 1st 2000

Location: Washington, DC, USA

Date: 01/01/00 01:20 AM EST

Approach Direction: WNW

Departure Direction: ESE

Witness Direction: West

Description: Outside Foggy Bottom Metro station entrance, on the campus of George Washington University in downtown Washington, DC. I and a friend were headed back to Virginia via Metro rail. Shortly before reaching the entrance/escalator going down, and about 5 min after the 2nd set of fireworks (at 1AM on the Mall), I thought I saw a shooting star or something (though it really seemed too large to be that) in my peripheral vision, so I started looking at the sky for more "shooting stars". I did NOT see any shooting stars, but what I did see I could not explain. I saw several of these objects, all following the same trajectory (WNW to ESE) and all looking alike. I saw a total of 7 to 9 objects before reaching the escalator. They seemed to be cylinder-shaped with amber colored lighting, perhaps the size of a large bus (difficult to say size and altitude, but they weren't very high). After looking at some maps, it would seem they must have also flown directly over the White House very shortly after flying nearly straight above my position.

Color/Shape: Since this was a night-time sighting, I cannot be absolutely sure of the shape. However, the lighting on the objects, and the reflected city lights seemed to give the outlines of cylinders. All (or most) lighting on them was of an amber-ish or orange-ish color. No sound noticed; not very high up, so should have heard conventional aircraft sounds if they were so.

Height & Speed: Estimated altitude 300-500 ft. Estimated speed 500-700 mph, apparently constant speed from horizon to horizon. This was strictly a "flyover" situation.

TV/Radio/Press: I could find none, which I thought was strange.

[Sighting report courtesy of Brian Vike and HBCC UFO Research.]

Follow-up information from Brian Vike:

Good to hear from someone. I had reported this to some other internet sites back in 2000 (I think...maybe later), but no one ever followed up on it.

A few months after moving from the DC area to Denver (April 2005), I finally joined International MUFON as well as Colorado MUFON. I highly doubt I would have done this unless I had actually seen UFOs myself. I had always had an interest in the subject, but had not seen any (as far as I could remember since my early childhood, anyway) until 2000.

Here are my answers to your questions:

Q. Can you please tell me what the weather conditions were that evening ?

A. It had been a very mild day, high around 60 with lots of sun and dry air. The temp fell very quickly under these conditions. The sky was still clear, but by 1AM the temp in downtown DC was probably around 37. When we got back to my car in Vienna, VA, there was some frost on it.

Q. Roughly, how long were you able to view the objects for ?

A. I estimate about 2 minutes. They didn't come as a single formation, but came in spurts, sometimes two close together, sometimes one by itself. I probably saw about 7 to 9 of them in all. There might have been more, but I found myself at the top of the escalator, and believe me, there was no turning back...it was like "sardines" of people "funneling" onto the escalator.

Q. As the UFOs moved? How far and how fast? Describe its movements in detail.

A. They all looked alike and all moved in the same direction at apparently the same speed. I was facing west, and they all came toward me, roughly from WNW to ESE. They made no turns while I saw them. It was one after another, sometimes two in close proximity to each other, with several seconds in between objects. In other words, I did NOT see all objects at the same moment.

Q. Describe the area in which you made the sighting. Is it near an airport? An Air Force Base? A military or research installation of any kind?

A. The nearest airport is Reagan National Airport, on the Virginia side of the Potomac, a few miles roughly south of there. This was DEFINITELY not a flight path of any aircraft other than perhaps authorized military craft. That is because the heading of the objects would have taken them VERY close to White House restricted air space, if not directly above the White House!! I also wondered it they might have flown over the CIA/Langley prior to my seeing them. I drew a line on a map, but the flight path would have NOT passed over the CIA unless they changed their heading in flight. (I mention this because a few years earlier there was a cylindrial UFO sighted in the area that stopped and changed direction directly above Langley. I will attach a copy of that local newspaper article to this reply. My girlfriend at the time worked at the CIA, and the article was in one of her local Great Falls, VA, newspapers.) My location at the time was on a street corner where there is an entrance with escalators for the Foggy Bottom Metro Station. This happens to be on the campus of George Washington University, in downtown DC.

Q. Can you possibly draw a rough diagram of what you observed and email it to me ?

A. I already created some for my presentation at the December CO-MUFON meeting. I will attach the Powerpoint presentation to this email; if you can't view it, let me know and I'll email the JPG's instead. The presentation should tell you a lot more, though.

Q. If there is anything else you can thing of, please feel free to write it down.

A. Not really...hopefully you have Powerpoint. But I will mention that my friend (her name is Connie) did not notice these UFOs. She wasn't watching the sky, as probably 99% weren't. There was a 2nd round of fireworks (which made me jump!) at 1AM, but we couldn't see much of it from there because of all the 12-story buildings around us; it was several blocks south of there. They only lasted about 10 minutes, maybe less. The sighting occurred at approximately 1:20 AM, ten minutes or so AFTER the 2nd round of fireworks had ended, so no one was watching the sky anymore. I did not notice anyone else "noticing" the UFOs, but if my reaction is any indication, they probably wouldn't have noticed that I was "noticing" the UFOs either. I was absolutely unprepared for such an event and totally stunned. After I had seen about 6 of them, however, I said in a rather low voice, "Am I seeing UFOs?" At that point only did I notice the guy next to me look at me and give a mild "smile" to my statement. It wasn't until I got down the escalator that I mentioned it to my friend. The majority of the crowd was in a "celebration" mood, many of them drunk and carrying on, making plenty of noise, but probably not enough to drown out a low-flying conventional aircraft, and I heard NO such noise at all. A rather disappointing situation for me to have a UFO sighting. I wish now that I would have yelled at the top of my lungs, "Everybody look up!!!", but that never occurred to me at the time it was happening. Dang.

Hope this helps.

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EDITORIAL: What's Happening over at the CIA? [184Kb PDF document]

Cylindrical UFOs Over Washington DC [881Kb Powerpoint document]


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