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UFO Sighting Report - USA

January 17th 2000 : Hamilton, Butler County, Ohio

UFO Report

Location - Hamilton, Ohio [Butler County], North Derexa Drive, near Greenwoods Cemetery

Date: Monday, January 17, 2000
Time: Approximately 7:05 a.m.

Duration of sighting: less than 1-second

As a result of a message from Ohio MUFON Director Bill Jones, a phone call was placed to a resident of Hamilton, Ohio regarding a UFO sighting from earlier this morning. The witness located Mr. Jones from the MUFON State Directory website, and then talked to Mr. Jones by telephone later in the afternoon. Mr. Jones conveyed the phone number of the witness so that the claimant might be interviewed and a report could be taken.

Upon speaking with the witness, he explained that he had made detailed notes of the sighting, and transcribed below are excerpts from those notes, which he read while we discussed his sighting:

"I was standing in my fiancee's home facing south, southeast, looking out the kitchen window. I say exactly because I had to determine direction using the most accurate map of the area that I know of."

The witness attempted measurements of the south/southeast position using houses in the area, streets and maps. Looking out his kitchen window into an open area with unobstructed view of the sky, the witness reported observing an object which appeared as a round "area" of light.

"It was not moving as fast as a meteor or shooting star," he said, "but was moving almost as fast. It appeared out of nowhere, as if turning on a flashlight. It appeared and descended at a high speed.

"As the object descended, it seemed to pause momentarily, then seemed to reverse direction, as if hesitating," the witness wrote in his notes.

The witness informed that there seemed to be some rotation during the pause. At that moment, the witness noted, the object seemed "3-Dimensional," and was perceived to have a concave shape.

The object finally departed from view by assuming a slight adjustment in course and disappearing behind neighborhood houses.

The size of the object was about 1/4 that of the moon, or about the end of a pencil eraser held at arms length. It was whitish-colored with a slight bluish-tint. It was about half as bright as a streetlight, and somewhat diffused, yet still defined. Its altitude was perceived to be 'well below' that of commercial air traffic, yet higher than smaller, local planes. It was his impression that this object was in his immediate vicinity, perhaps mere miles away.

The witness has previously been in truck-driving industry, he informed, and was presently a student between careers. He has attended a recent class at Miami University.

"If it was a meteor, it was strange. At that moment, when it paused, it did appear to be concave and spinning on its side."


The observer was notably struck by the unusual ballistic performance of this descending object, which would complicate a 'meteor' or 'bolide' explanation. However, a factor in this sighting report must be the 1-second time duration, which presents challenging perceptive circumstances for any witness to accurately recall detail, most especially under unannounced conditions. A meteor, under any condition, is an unusual thing to see in the sky, and could confound even the best qualified observers.

The claimant further informed that he would be curious to learn if anyone else in the area had also spotted this object.

January 17, 2000
Kenny Young
UFO Research

Article taken from the UFO UpDates Mailing List and posted with permission.

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