March 2000

Three Huge Triangular Crafts

March 2000, 9:40 PM

Around the first or second week of March 2000, I was driving my girlfriend home from work. It was a crystal clear night out and around 9:40 PM we were nearing her house. The funny thing about this incident is that while on the way home we were joking about possibly seeing a UFO. We were not trying to be serious or anything, just joking around. Then about a mile from her home it happened. I spotted these 3 individual, triangular shaped craft coming up over the him to our right. At first I thought these "aircraft" were either helicopters or possibly military cargo planes such as a C-130. But as they got closer I quickly ruled that out. The size of these crafts were absolutely enormous. I mean like 2 1/2 to 3 times the length of a football field.

They were triangular in shape with 3 red lights on the vertices of the triangle. The lights did not blink at all. Another strange thing about this is that they were moving incredibly slow, maybe only 25 - 30 mph and there was no sound coming from the craft. I estimated that the possible altitude of the craft was around 1000, no more than 2500 feet. Once the craft began to get closer, I had the "bright" idea to flash the lights of my truck to see what they would do. Immediately they began to gain altitude and speed. Two of the craft headed in an east north eastern direction while one craft broke with the formation and turned back into the direction it came from (southwest). Naturally my girlfriend and myself were pretty freaked out about the whole incident. But we never heard anything from anyone else about it I was very reluctant to go and start telling a story and having people think that I was crazy. Needless to say, I saw this article on your web site and figured that it wouldn't hurt to put it on here. I hope you guys use this information to some kind of end.

I thought it would be best if I let you know a little about myself and the area were in.
1. - I am a former US Marine who is currently attending college.
2. - The area where we saw the crafts is located in Lincoln Co, Ky, on HWY. 1781 at about the three mile marker. This is the small community called Broughtontown. (Approx. 20 miles south of Stanford and 15 miles north of Somerset).

Brett Smith


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UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/usa/000300.shtml