March 21st 2000

Florida Lights Chased

Destin -- Bob Fiske writes, "I want to report a sighting that a friend of mine had back on March 21, 2000, along the Gulf Coast. He went out on the beach at 10:00 PM and observed seven bright white lights appear near the horizon. They then climbed to about 45 degrees angle in the southern sky. They then went rapidly to the south, fading from view. he had them in sight for about three minutes. What made his sighting very interesting was that a couple minutes after the object disappeared, he heard jets overhead, and saw the flames from the afterburners of two jet fighters going after the objects. Eglin Air Force Base is close by and they must have picked up the objects on radar. I have been interested in UFO's ever since the late fifties when I saw a V formation of round objects fly over my house one summer's day back in Chicago. I have had a strong interest in UFO's recently since buying a computer.

Thanks to Bob Fiske


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