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UFO Sighting Report - USA

March 31st 2000 : Martinez, California

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Martinez, California, USA

Date: March 31 2000

Time: 11:28pm

Number of witnesses: 1

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: Saucer shape.

Weather Conditions: Perfectly clear evening

Description: I was traveling down Morello Blvd in Martinez headed towards home at 11:28pm. I was headed towards Pacheco Blvd. As I headed down the road, to my left I noticed an object in the sky and it appeared to be on fire. My heart began to pound. I thought for sure it was a helicopter on fire because it was staying in the same spot but it was in the air. I finally got close enough to realize that what I was seeing was in no way shape or form a helicopter!! For in fact what I was seeing was a saucer shaped object floating/hovering over a residential area and what had looked like a fire was really the mid section of the object, glowing red in a holographic sort of way. At that moment I could not believe what I was seeing!! I swore to myself that I would never look back to this moment and have any doubt of what I was seeing at that moment on March 31. The object began to move after about a minute in a slow floating manner. It wasnt a straight float, it kind of softly moved around as it floated. I drove towards Pacheco Blvd as it took off. I lost sight of it for a minute. Once I got onto Pacheco Blvd I headed left towards home and once again caught sight of it. I drove all the way past Brown St. and turned my truck and parked in front of the foster freeze, opened my back slider window and watched the object. It finally stopped again. It looked like it could be floating above the marina by now, I couldnt quite tell exactly where it was at though. I finally realized that what I was doing was not a very smart thing to be doing by myself so I zoomed home and tried to get my brother and my other roommate to come outside and look, but by then it was no longer in my sight. I have shared my story with many people with hopes that someone else had seen the saucer that night. I will never ever forget that night. Its clear as day in my head still. when people ask me if I believe in UFO's and aliens I tell them "well I know for a fact there are Ufos cause I saw one, as for aliens I'm not sure cause I've never seen one of those, but something had to be flying that saucer!!!"

TV/Radio: I called the police station the next morning to see if there were any other reports but I was told that they had no info.

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