Name: B.S.

Location: U.S.A. Utah Bullfrog Lake Powell

Date: 5/20/2000/ 10:30/pm U.S. moutain time daylite savings time night time dark no wind clear sky

Approach Direction: from south 10 feet above the water sirface

Departure Direction: to the south 10 feet above the water

Witness Direction: 6 witneses were facing south on the approach then east as it passed and landed-hovered over the water may have been taking on water-sampling ?

Description: Frends and I were at lake powell for Memorial day weekend boating trip. We went 70 miles south by boat from bullfrog marina. Four people in the boat plus two on waverunners. The only way a person can acess the canyon we were in is by boat. The canyon walls are 200 feet high no roads only people on boats. It was dark evryone was in there tents getting ready to sleep. My girlfriend was sitting by the campfire wich was nearly out. I was in the back of the boat looking south as I saw a lite the size of a flash lite a 1/4 mile away comming in to our cove. I made a remark about how dum it is to travel at nite and intrude on our camp. This got all 6 of us interested in this lite. It got closer the sandstone canyon walls were white as the blinking object aproched I expected to see a boat or kyack but the lite was ten feet above the water with nothing below it. It approched ;went past my boat as it came to the end of the canyon wich is like a ampatheater 200 feet high the object decended to the water sirface. I was verry interested in shining the brightest lite I could find at it; it was twenty feet away north of my boat wich is ankored at shore. I only had a flashlite to shine at the object I turned it on; when I shined the lite on the object it rose fast to ten feet in five blinks it went the 1/4 mile and was out of sight. The object made no noise no wind no waves on the water.

Color/Shape: Small the only lite was wite wich blinked until it hovered over the water then it was constant wite no sound aproxamate size is baseball size; At most other witneses thought it could not be man/human made went 90 miles per hour when it left but made no noise /ps no one had been drinking

Height & Speed: aproch 5/mi. departure 1/4 mi. five blinks /90 ?

TV/Radio/Press: NO nobody wold beleve no picture


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/usa/000520.shtml