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UFO Sighting Report - Australia

August 2000 : Bath County, Kentucky

Bath County, Kentucky Triangular Shaped Craft Hovers - Strange Maneuvers

Date: August 2000
Time: Approx: 10:00 p.m.

Location of Sighting: Owingsville, KY.
Number of witnesses: 4
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Triangular.

Full Description of event/sighting: Around the end of August 2000, I was at my parents' home in the northeast area of Bath County, KY, just about 1 mile outside of Owingsville. I noticed a bright light in the sky as I was getting ready to leave, just ahead of me and in the northwest. I thought it was maybe an airplane and didn't pay any close attention to it until I noticed it appeared stationary. At this time I was thinking it to be a helicopter, however the light was very bright, much brighter than a landing light on any aircraft I had seen. I told my mother and girlfriend what I was seeing and got my Tasco binoculars out to look at the object. It was then that I noticed that the light was in fact three lights. There was a light on the left and right, and the light in the middle was slightly higher than the other two. I went outside and across the street to my neighbor's house, he too was also looking at the lights. The craft hovered in place, then seemed to tilt to a 90 degree position and moved forward some. My binoculars didn't reveal any features other than these very bright lights; no running lights or tail markers were illuminated, and also no engine or rotor sounds were present.

My mother, my girlfriend, my neighbor and I looked at this object as it again hovered in place, moving back into the position I had originally saw it. The craft slowly moved from the northwest to the southeast and appeared to be low flying, however there were no sounds or other running lights noticed as it glided overhead. The only way to describe the features of the craft is that is was a triangular shape with the two end lights at the apparent 'wingtips', with no tail light or blinking sensor on the underbelly. My binoculars revealed that the three lights appeared to be recessed into a housing and were very bright, much brighter than a normal aircraft approach or spot light. The craft passed over my parents' house and stopped just over Interstate 64, which is located about 2 land miles across country behind my parents' house. Looking at the craft from this angle revealed only the two lights on the 'wingtips', and still no other light or engine/rotor sound. The craft then appeared to turn 180 degrees and position itself it the position which I originally saw it, with the three lights full ahead in a horizontal position.

After that, it hovered and repositioned again to a near vertical alignment, banking due east along Interstate 64. The craft leveled out again to a horizontal position and moved due west at a very high rate of speed, before stopping again over what looked to be the east end of Owingsville, however, at this point, it was partially obscured by trees. Then the craft continued due south in the direction of Olympia, KY and Menifee County, before disappearing from sight behind trees and hills. This entire event played out over a period of approximately 20-30 minutes, with the craft hovering in place most of the time. I have waited to broadcast this event in any way out of extreme speculation and an attempt to try to rationalize what exactly we saw, however, none of the four of us who saw this event have been able to come to any conclusion as to what the craft actually was. I have read and seen several accounts of similar type craft around the same time frame, however, none from the region of which this account originated. All accounts describe a similar event and have yet to be officially explained. I am now convinced that what we saw was not any aircraft, civilian, commercial or military, that fits in any category normally attributed to manned Earth-based flight.

Thank you to the witness for an excellent report.

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research.
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