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UFO Sighting Report - USA

September 3rd 2000 : Long Key, Florida Keys, Florida

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Fiesta Key KOA
   Mile Marker 70- US Highway 1
   Long Key, FL 33001
   Florida Keys, Florida, Monroe County

Date: Sunday, 09/03/00 at around 9:00PM EST

Approach Direction: From East to West

Departure Direction: From East to West

Witness Direction: Facing East

Description: My wife and I were sitting at the edge of the water at the KOA campgrounds looking at the stars and water. There were no streetlights, just darkness except for the stars above and the headlights of traffic coming over the bridge from Islamorada. We saw what looked like car headlights start coming from the horizon in the East, but as it got past the trees, we saw it was more like 14 lights lined up in a row. My wife asked, "What in the world is that?" and I replied I wasn't sure. We sat and watched this thing slowly approach, and realized it was the largest aircraft we'd ever seen, approximately the length of two commercial planes lined up nose to tail. As it got closer, we were almost blinded by the lights, as it was flying at a fairly low altitude. I remarked to my wife that I couldn't hear any engines and that's when we started getting scared. Surely an aircraft flying that low would have engines we could easily hear! She ran into the motor home to get another couple we were staying with, but by the time they got outside, it had passed over and was gone. I NEVER believed in UFOs before this, but this shook me to the core, as well as it did my wife. I know there is a naval air station near Key West, so we thought maybe it was some sort of stealth military plane, but it was so large we don't know how they would hide something that big.

Color/Shape: Black, or it was just too dark outside to see a color or shape. Approximately 14 "headlights" spaced evenly apart.

Height & Speed: About the speed of an airplane preparing for landing, and about as low as one approaching a runway. Flying parallel to the earth at a steady speed.

TV/Radio/Press: We watched the news, but there was no information on it. We called others in Tampa Bay FLorida to see if they had heard anything, but nothing was televised.