December 26th 2000

Las Vegas UFO

Sunday, December 26, 2000, 9:15 PM

Here is my original report.

Sunday night, 11/26/00, I was driving back from Las Vegas, Nevada to Fallon, a drive of about 400 miles.

I was driving west with my 17 year old daughter. Approximately 55 miles from Las Vegas at about 9:15 PM, I noticed a very bright white light just barely above the mountains to the left. It looked like the light was illuminating the mountain blow it. The white light had a blinking red light at about the five o'clock position that would flash about every four seconds. I watched it for about five minutes trying to make sure it was truly an anomalous object and then I asked my daughter, "What does that look like to you ?

"Oh, my god" she exclaimed.
"I'm gonna pull over," I said

There were no cars in sight and also no moon. The sky was overcast with a thin veil of fog like cloud cover. I pulled off to the right of the road and just as I put my vehicle in park, the light jumped ! I exited my vehicle and stood in the road to watch. It headed to the east along the top of the mountains, bobbing and weaving. All of a sudden it stopped and slowly drifted back towards the west. After about 20 seconds, it headed towards the southeast at an extremely fast rate !

I got back in my car and continued to drive.

That same night about 2 AM, we saw another interesting sight. We were about one mile north of Schurz, Nevada traveling across the Indian Reservation when I noticed a very, very bright light to my left. We were heading north so it would have been to the west of us over the desert. It looked like it was maybe a mile away about 200 feet up in the air. I again asked my daughter, "What do you think that one is ?"

She didn't think it was a plane or star.

"I'm gonna pull over and check it out !" As soon as I said that it just drop straight down below the horizon. "Hmmm...it's almost as if they can hear us and don't want their picture taken ! I said to my daughter as I started driving again.



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