March 15th 2001

Beginning at 8:10 PM and lasting till 9:06 PM, nine groups of orange glowing Orbs appeared in the southern sky over Estrella foot hills. Observed by this writer and two other witnesses, at one point nine of the Orbs appeared lined up like a dotted line across the black sky and began to blink on and off. This display lasted for approximately 13 minutes and the Orbs blinked off one by one and disappeared.

Writer phoned Fox Television at the onset of this event and was told other people had phoned in with similar observations. This event reminded the writer of nearly the same type of events as the Parade of Lights that occurred across Phoenix in 1997 on 3/13/1997. The difference as observed by this writer was the proximity of the Orbs was closer together, and the duration of the sighting was shorter. The color of the light observed was much more orange in tonight's sighting as well. Writer did not observe any smoke, flame like appearance, nor fluttering of the objects at all. In writer's opinion, these objects were not flares. This is the first appearance in nearly nine months of these objects, but have been observed in the same area and demonstrating similar behavior on at least ten occasions over the last five years.

Weather conditions were clear, no moon at the time of sighting, and a light breeze from the North. No aircraft were observed in the vicinity of the sighting during the event. As this type of sighting observed by this writer has a tendency to repeat itself within a day or two after the initial event, writer will make a special effort to watch the sky at this location for the next several nights between 8:00 and 10:00 PM.

John Edmonds


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UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/usa/010315.shtml