March 16th 2001

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Corpus Christi Texas -USA

Date: 03-16-2001

Approach Direction: West To East

Departure Direction: East and shot up into the sky

Witness Direction: South

Description: White disk like object about 40 to 45 ft. Long and making no sound seemed to just move across the sky at a slow pace for about 15 seconds at a height of no more than 1/2 mile. Then suddenly stopped and in one motion took off at a 90 degree angle up and away towards the sky and was gone in a split second. Was caught on video and declared bizzare and unexplained by local news media.

Color/Shape: White disk like about 40 to 45 ft. Long made no sound.

Height & Speed: About 1/2 mile in the sky traveling about I guess 70 mph then took off about 700 mph in split second change of direction.

TV/Radio/Press: Reported to local tv news kris channel 6. They analyzed the video calling it bizzare and wanted to air it. I declined fearing publicity...now im ready to come forward.


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