March 27th 2001

Lowman, New York Disc Shaped Craft Over Top Of Witnesses Vehicle

Date: March 27, 2001
Time: 8:45 p.m.

I was taking my daughter to catch her ride to work at 8:45 p.m. She saw the craft approaching from the SW heading across the left front of our car, at that time she screamed to stop the car "dad its a UFO". No sooner than she got those words out the car sputtered to a stop along the dark country road. I leaned over and looked out the passengers side window and there it was not more than 100 feet above us. It was disc shaped, the top was a slightly curved (dome like), the bottom (as I took it to be) was even less curved almost flat. It was grayish in color, metallic looking, no seams and looked like it was all 1 piece. There were 3 softly lit orange orbs on the bottom spaced out in a triangle shape. As it was going over us I got out of car and could feel something like a strong static pulling on me.

Funny thing is it looked as if it was tipped up on its side with the top moving ahead. It was only moving at a very slow pace, maybe 5 mph. This was close enough that if a dinner plate was held at arms length the craft would have been larger. There was no sound that I recall after getting out of car, but before exiting car as it was coming overhead I heard a low drone like thumping sound (my daughter heard it also). After all this it proceeded across the farm field and up the side of a hill & stopped over a revolutionary war monument. At that time it changed to a white light that grew in intensity until very bright, than all at once poof, it was gone. It just vanished. If it left, instead of vanished, it must have flown at a very high rate of speed directly away from us as it was gone in less than 100th of a second or the light simply went out. The car started right up and we drove to where my daughters ride was already waiting (10 minutes) late and we should have been a few minutes earlier.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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