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Sighting Report

Grand Prairie, Texas, USA
April 22nd, 2001

Name: Alffredo Gonzalez

E-mail: aag533@aol.com

Grand Prairie, Texas, United States of America

April 22,2001
On a clear night
At about 10:45

Approach Direction:
Coming from the east

Departure Direction:
heading toward's the west.

Witness Direction:
I was facing north.

It was oval towards the front and kind of blocked from behind. The front end was lit, but it faded to black as if the light could'nt make it all the way to the back. I must say that the object was very big. At least as big as a football field. Or maybe three houses on a block.

It was oval or hyperbolic in front, but was more squared off towards the back of it. It moved very slow and most suprizing, it did'nt even make a noise.

Height & Speed:
Maybe 300 to 400 feet in the air and about 4 to 5 blocks away.

I wish.


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