May 29th 2001

Las Vegas, NV

May 29, 2001

Tuesday morning I noticed an unusual amount of chemtrails over the Las Vegas, NV sky. I had several of my employees come outside to see what they were since I had talked with them on several occasions about them. We watched 2 planes for about 20 mins. crisscrossing the sky when off to the southwest we noticed a round object just sitting motionless in the sky. It sat there for about 5 mins. then started moving off to the northwest. We watched it for awhile and were all in agreement it wasn`t anything we had seen before. The previous Wednesday there were multiple sightings of a silver disc in the sky outside of Las Vegas. The radio disc jockeys on the station we listen to at work all saw it and several callers coming in from Arizona called to say they too had witnessed it. One man said it split in to two and took off. It was visible from dawn until shortly after sunrise.

Thanks To Vera


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UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/usa/010529.shtml