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Sighting Report

Salisbury Beach, Salisbury MA, USA
June 21st 2001

NAME: Dawn & Carla

E-MAIL: homekadome@earthlink.net

Salisbury Beach,
Salisbury MA,

3:00-5:45 am eastern time

we are unsure, we just noticed it hovering there

DEPARTURE_DIRECTION: as the sun was coming up the object just kept rising straight up

We were on the deck looking out at the ocean facing east.

We noticed a bright yellow-orange light with a red light on each side. it kind of looked like a plane at first, but after watching this for about 10 minutes as it continuously made strange movements but remained in the same area in the sky. then the object disappeared, and then reappeared about 3 minutes later. at this time the red lights were gone, and it moved side to side and up, like the shape of a letter l,but backwards. it disappeared and then reappeared about a total of 3 times.

this object then shined a light onto the ocean, when we looked at the ocean it was pure black except for where the light was shining. it shined the light and made wierd movements for quite some time, then the light stopped shining the ocean was completely black, the object in the sky then had a major glow happening around it and it looked like the planet saturn. this occured for some time, then the glow slowly got smaller until it was gone then the process started all over again. beginning with the light shining onto the ocean.

we continued to watch until all the stars had gone and the sun was just about over the horizon. this object was just as bright as it had been for the past few hours just considerably higher. it looked as if it was drawing up some kind of energy or something. it was the most amazing as well as unbelievable thing we had both ever witnessed and we're glad the both of us were there because we KNOW we saw this U. F. O.

it was a bright yellow-orange object that changed in size and shape, and the 2 red lights that were there disappeared and did not reappear.

it was approx. 3-5 miles out to sea, and maybe the same 3-5 miles high. after the sun was up over the horizon it was maybe at least 10 or more miles higher straight up in the sky.

unfortunately, we were freaked out at what we were watching and didn't take the time to contact anyone. and, we are at total regret!!!!!!!


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