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Sighting Report

Jefferson County, Illinois, USA
July 25th 2001

Name: Cindy Perkins

E-mail: perkinsfamily@charter.net

Jefferson County, Illinois. Hoovered over U.S. Interstate 57 between Ina, Illinois and Mt. Vernon, Illinois

07/25/2001 at approximately 11:20 p.m. C.S.T.

Approach Direction:
Hoovered to the north of us. We approached from the south.

Departure Direction:
Hoovered did not see it depart. It was pointed south.

We came from the south. We were directly under it. Approximately 30 to 40 other vehicles saw the object at that time.

I spotted a bright white light in the sky. I thought it was a plane. But the light changed size very quickly. It became larger than smaller and changed colors(red then white then red). We were travelling north along Interstate 57. There was heavy traffic and our speed was about 65 miles per hour.We watched the light 5 to 10 mintues before we drove directly under it. The light after changing colors then faded and re appeared shaped like a smile. Then it faded and re appeared as a cross. Then faded completely. Then lots of lights as we approached closer. Bright enough to make it appear day light outside at 11:20 P.m. C.S.T..As we approached the light was so bright I could not look at it then as we got under it, you could see the 4 circles. We were in the passing lane next to a semi at the time. My husband was driving and unable to see it. He stated "everyone is driving wierd", "I had to pay attention to the driving." We continued home. I did not see any o! ther vehicles stop. Although most slowed down and appeared to see something. Since so many people, in so many vehicles saw this, why has no one reported it?? Nothing in the area newpapers or on T. V. I have seen stealth planes in air shows and at air bases. This was not one of our aircraft. Ours are unable to hoover soundlessly.

Triangular. Silver in color. Row of lights extremely bright around the outer edge. The center contained 4 large circles perfectly spaced across from each other and the edge. The 4 circles did not produce any waves like jets do. There was no air distortion. The object hoovered completely soundlessly.

Height & Speed:
It was hoovering about 25 feet above the ground. It was twice the size of a semitruck, approximately 125 feet long. We continued driving north but the object reminded hoovering over both the north bound and south bound lanes of U.S. Interstate 57. The front of the aircraft was pointed south.

No reports on tv, the radio or area newspapers. Why??? Alot of people saw something that night.


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