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Sighting Report

Baltimore, Maryland, USA
August 1st 2001

Name: Withheld

E-mail: Witheld

Baltimore, Maryland

8/1/01 9:30pm eastern standard time

Approach Direction:

Departure Direction:

Witness Direction:
Eastern sky

My wife and i were walking thru the neighborhood as we usually do. we admire the starts , as this area is away from the city light. she noticed what she thought was a shooting star. i missed it , but she pointed to the direction and at that moment we both saw a light that shot upward and disappeared within 2 seconds.

The brief time that i saw it , it appeared as a reddish white light

Height & Speed:
No way to guess. but is disappeared in a flash. i live very near bwi airport, and i would be willing to bet that they had somekind of blip on their radar screen. there is much air traffic in this area. but positively, this was not anything that could be mistaken for something that would be landing at any airport.

No reports that i am aware of.


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