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Sighting Report

Sierra Nevada Foothills, California, USA
August 11th 2001

Name: Bill

E-mail: Withheld

About 45-50 miles east of Modesto, Ca., USA

Saturday 08/11/01 Approximately 10:30 pm local time

Approach Direction:

Departure Direction:

Witness Direction:

My wife, my son, and I were camping the the Sierra Nevada foothills. Our site was on the top of one hill that overlooked the central valley of Calif. It was a very clear night, with no moon, and many, many stars.

All three of us saw this object moving across the sky, almost lazily. It seemed to be at a height consistent with where you would see commecial aircraft at night when they would be approaching an airport, maybe 25-35 miles out.

I watched for awhile, but didn't pay to much attention to it, since I thought it was just a slow moving plane, although the light pattern was different from anything I had ever seen. Plus it seemed to be very quiet. Actually there was no noise at all, and where we were it was really quiet.

I was just about to lose interest in it when suddenly it reversed direction without making any turn at all. That caught my attention!

We again watched it for awhile as it silently and slowly moved westerly through the night sky.

This went on for about 25 minutes then it disappeared from view.

This was no discernible color or shape, other than some lights on the bottom of the craft. They seemed to be in a wide V configuration. The object didn't noticeably larger than say Boeing 727 aircraft.

The lights looked a lot like normal lights on the bottom of a commercial jet.

Height & Speed:
Height - 7-10,000 ft.
Speed - slow - 100 mph maybe


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