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Sighting Report

Silver Springs,Stow/Akron, Ohio, USA
August 14th-23rd 2001

Name: Tami

E-mail: Purplef15o@aol.com

The first sighting occured while camping at Silver Springs in Stow, Ohio the second sighting was at my home in Akron, Ohio USA

The sightings were ( everynight this week) Tuesday Aug, 14, 15, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22.. It has been cloudy or i'd still be able to see them..

I start seeing them in the west

Departure Direction:
I see them in the east

I spotted something in the sky about 2:30 am Aug 14 2001, I thought it was the goodyear blimp but this object wasn't moving, I asked my sister what it was and she didn't know.. we watched this thing flash bright red and blue lights, it was awesome.. i started looking around the sky, and started seeing more of these things.. My brother in law said he couldn't thing of anything that they could be, it seemed like everywhere we looked there was two or more of these objects floating in the sky, we were watching these things from all differnt angles, we could see that some were lower to the ground while some were barley visable to the naked eye.. some of the bigger "lights" flashed colors like they were comunicating with eachother, to me it looked as though they were practicing for something, whatever they were doing they were busy, i could see little dull looking objects zig zagging around the bigger " lights " we wathched these objects until sunrise it was like the vanished as soon as the sun was comming up..they returned the next night at around 9 pm

I didn't see them on Thursday, But i did see them again on Friday Aug, 17 at the same location, also Aug 18, 19,20

On Aug 21, 22, 23 i was able to view them from my front porch, I have been looking for them in the day light hours, but haven't seen anything until nighttime..i've been just fascinated watching these things..

I can only see the lights, they look like stars, but brighter, and they " strobe " red and blue, and white..it also can dim itself and it will flash a brite white beam and light up again

Height & Speed:
I can't guess at this because some were alot higher then others, some moved very fast and others just float in one spot.. i've viewed them in the west and east skys,

I have not heard anything about these on the news or in the paper, no one can tell me what these things are,


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