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Sighting Report

Weed, California, USA
August 20th 2001

Name: 'M'

E-mail: em4carmalt@aol.com

Weed, CA (north of Mt. Shasta)

Aug 20, 2001; approx. 10 pm PST

Approach Direction:
Coming from north

Departure Direction:
Moving southbound

Witness Direction:
Driving southbound on I-5, looking out of sunroof of car

I glanced up through the sunroof to stargaze. I noticed what appeared to be three stars moving in unison. They were positioned so as to make an uneven triangle (no sides equal in length). The elevation cannot be known. Initially I thought it may have been a satellite; however, the "stars" were too far apart. Because they moved in perfect unison, I questioned the likelihood that the "stars" were lights on the points of a craft but the space in between the "stars" was camoflaged against the night sky. We observed the lights moving southbound and one by one they disappeared as it reached a portion of the nebula. The speed was steady, not fast but not slow. The "stars" did not twinkle nor blink.

White lights, three total, positioned to make a triangle.

Height & Speed:
30,000 to 60,000 (but only a guess here)

Still looking


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