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Sighting Report

Marietta, Ohio, USA
August 29th 2001

Name: Eli Corp

E-mail: rainman01@charter.net

Marietta, Ohio

9:20 PM local

Approach Direction:

Departure Direction: Northeast

Witness Direction:

I was driving home after dropping a friend off at about 9:20 or so I had passed the area walmart, I was looking in the direction of the walmart which was tward the right side of my windshield, as I happened to glance out, I noticed what I thought was a plane leaving the local airport, but the plane was flying very low, maybe 500 feet to 1000 feet above the ground.

The object, which I thought was a plane was coming from a direction that normal flights from the airport usually do not come from. As it came closer I could see that the object was triangular by the lights, it had lights on all 3 points, and had a flashing light in the center, I thought it seemed strange, I havent seen a plane like that before, so I decided to watch it. It was moving at a rapid pace as it passed directly overtop my car. I couldnt see where it was, so I slowed down, and so did other cars infront of me.

As it came from over my car I looked out of my window, being the drivers side, and I could clearly make out the outline and shape of the object, it was triangular and the back of it seemed to be concave, not mre than a second later, a second craft of the same size and shape flew in formation with the other at the same flight level. I watched both of them until finally they dissapeared behind the hills at which time I called my mom on my cell phone and told her to look outside to see if she could see them, when she went out she couldn see them, probably because the hills in the area limit visablility.

Triangular like a wide wing, but with a concave back, the color I could tell, It looked black agianst the moonlit sky. there were 4 lights on the bottom, one on each of the points, and a flashng blueish white light in the center of the craft, as it was aproaching me, there was a blue light in the very front, above the white light on the bottom.

Height & Speed:
It looked to me to be flying very low , I would estimate between 500 and 1000 feet above the ground its speed i dont know but it was traveling very fast, but it didnt shoot across the sky, i would say it was flying about 300-500 mph it was going much faster than any commercial plane I have ever seen.

It wasnt reported by the news, but I did call and ask if anyone had reported seeing the object and they said they hadn't gotten any other reports.


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