Oil City, Pennsylvania

August 29th 2001

Oil City, Pennsylvania 30 Morphing Or Changing Objects

Date: August 29, 2001
Time: Approx: 3:45 p.m.

Number of witnesses: 15
Number of objects: 30
Shape of objects: Morphing or changing, then mostly spherical.

Full Description of event/sighting: I and about 15 other people witnessed something very strange in broad daylight 8/29/01 3:45 pm ( just several days before 911) in Oil City Pennsylvania, while the sun was shining on a beautifully clear summer afternoon with a few puffy clouds in the sky. Not the kind of time or type of day you expect something like this to occur. Since it was several years ago, my memory about the events are hazy, but I will be as accurate as possible. Since there is a definite time and date, the other witnesses could all be contacted if someone wanted to go that far, although I can't remember names.

Let me set the stage to communicate the event more clearly. My family lived in an apartment complex called (name of building removed) at the edge of Oil City, on a high hill in wooded northwestern Pennsylvania. The name has subsequently been changed to (name of building removed). Our apartment was at the end of the row. They were two-story apartments in 2 long rows with a parking lot in between them and since we were at the end of the parking lot, our apartment faced the end of the other row with a grassy playground in between. There were swings, picnic tables and jungle gym at one end and a basketball court back further at the edge of a wooded area. We had 4 kids and they and the neighbor kids played there everyday. Adults would hang out there sometimes too at the picnic tables.

On this particular day, there were a bunch of kids playing, ranging in age from 4-13 including my son who was 7 at the time. I was hanging out at a picnic table and the apartment manager, Patty, was at the playground with a contractor making plans on upgrading the playground area. There were several adult neighbors hanging out at another table too. One was the mother of one of my son's friends.

I looked up in the sky and saw what appeared to be parachutes coming down as they started out as very small dots and seemed to get bigger. Well I pointed them out to the kids that were playing, saying something like "hey kids, look at the parachuters". Well the adults and the kids looked up and we all watched a bit as they seemed to be coming straight down towards our area. The shapes were shifting as those type of half parachutes would change shape as they move in the wind. I would guess there were about five of them and they just sort of drifted down lazily. But it was very odd, because there is no airport near and I remembered that there were no planes nearby them, only jets making trails in the higher sky. At the time I thought, wow, they had jumped from a really high plane! There was also not a lot of places that parachuters could land. The area is near the Allegheny river and very hilly and wooded, not many fields nearby at all, but then the strange part, they didn't come down, they did other things. That was when my interest in the objects became more intense. A lot of the others just went back to playing, but I kept watching. As a few more minutes went by, these objects were at the level of the clouds and some stayed by the two or three clouds that were in the sky at the time. As I watched them two or three of them drifted at the same speed as the clouds, even going behind parts of the clouds at times.

They seemed to change shape as though they were giant balloons that weren't quite full of air. They were pearly colored and the clouds seemed to shade them in spots as their shapes twisted. I thought this all extremely odd behavior and at the time I became convinced that I was looking at something not behaving in natural ways. They weren't drifting with the wind as you would expect if they had been balloons. I haven't mentioned the strangest part of all this yet though. As I was sitting on the picnic table watching as these objects were drifting among the clouds, I happened to catch an event that lasted for a second or two that I am not sure anyone else saw at the time. The kids had sort of lost interest by then and gone back to playing. I saw at least 25 other small dots of white come shooting out of a central point and spread out radically from what appeared to be the same height as the jet traffic that went by overhead.

I yelled to the kids to look again at the UFOs. It struck me then as it still does as though they were like starships coming out of warp speed into the atmosphere. They were just there. They didn't come from anywhere. Then the dots spread out and moved up and over and down sort of chaotically and many became invisible to my sight as they were very high up. I estimate that there were at least 25 of them, but there could have been many more, since it happened so quickly. I did yell out to the others at the playground, hey did you see that? or something like that. One of my neighbors at the time was at the playground and watching and agreed these things were strange and was watching them closely. The apartment manager and the contractor had gone back to their business off the playground. Two of the closer objects drifted away from the clouds and started moving in the opposite direction of the clouds, still in a lazy drifting sort of motion and passed out of view over the roof of my apartment. So I ran inside and told my daughter who was 11 to come out and see the UFOs.

We went out my back door and watched these two objects drift past in the sky and by then they appeared circular and white like large balloons. As they moved into the distance, they started to shine like stars in the daytime. Not exceptionally bright, but unusual because stars aren't seen in the daytime and they don't move like that! They moved slowly and were in sight for at least 15 minutes or more before they went over the horizon. On the other side of the apartment, people were watching the other objects, some of which had also "drifted" away from the clouds and were moving away in the opposite direction ! They all eventually drifted out of sight. The whole thing lasting perhaps 20 minutes to a half hour. Only after it was over did one of my neighbors say, I should have gotten my camera.

Thank you to this witness for the excellent write up on what they all saw.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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