September 2001

Hayward, CA

Date: September 2001
Time: Not given

Hi! I just sent you some photos via email. I had them scanned by another ufo research group. I had a major sighting in September of 2001 over my house in Hayward, CA. There was a sudden lightning storm that night. Very strong. I always watch out the window at these storms. Me and my children were watching when we looked up and saw four very bright oval-shaped objects hovering over our house and the neighbors orchard in back of us. They looked huge and seemed to be very low in the sky. They were in a four-cornered position. Every six seconds they would slam into each other to form one bright light in the center of their positions, stay for a second and return to the four positions. I watched for what seemed like 7 minutes? until I ran into the kitchen to find the camera. I ran outside and snapped wildly as they were moving too fast to focus on. I ran back into the house to watch some more. Then, the lightning that had been flashing horizontally in the distance suddenly reached out like a pitchfork towards our house and these objects. The lightning did this twice. Then the objects just vanished. No take off. Just "poof!" they were gone. I hope that you can use the pictures or some of the information I provided! You can email me (deleted by HBCC UFO) if you have any interest in this. Thanks

HBCC would like to thank the witness for sending along the report and photos

Hayward photo 1
Hayward photo 2
Hayward photo 4


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