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Sighting Report

Levittown/Langthorne, PA, USA
September 12th 2001

Name: John Montgomery

E-mail: jmontrush@aol.com

The location was in the area of Levittown/Langhorne, Pa. U.S.A.

The sighting was on Wednesday 09/12/01 at aprox. 9:10 am local time.

Approach Direction:
Approached from the north east.

Departure Direction:
Departed to the south west

Witness Direction:

I was working outside and heard a jet go by. I looked up and saw nothing. A few moments later i saw several objects move across the ski. they were shiny. The sun reflected off the surface,it made them look bright as a star. There was a pulsating halo around the objects that appeared and disappeared. The objects seem to turn or rotate. The area inside the "halo" appeared to be blurry like the was heat there. They were very high in the sky and all moved in the same direction.

The objects were silver/metallic in color and appeared to be oval like in shape.

Height & Speed:
They were very high in the sky and moved fairly slow accross the horizon. The sighting lasted aprox. 3 to 5 minutes. I observed aprox. 6 to 8 objects.


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