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Sighting Report

Sioux City, IA, USA
September 22nd 2001

Name: Clifford Schultz

E-mail: tekkie@cableone.net

Sioux City, IA USA

09/22/01 @ 2310 cst

Approach Direction:

Departure Direction:

Witness Direction:

Was walking in low lit area when something told me to look up. I looked straight at three lights moving very fast and, for lack of better explanation, playing with each other. When I first saw them they were in a triangle formation, then they twisted clockwise, one went out and came back in, then they all seperated and came back together. From the time I saw them directly overhead till they were out of sight was no more than five seconds. Nothing I know of can move that fast. Nothing!

Amber, not too bright. Round, like a satellite.

Height & Speed:
Height unknown, speed was faster by far than anything I have ever seen. I've seen fast, I was in the Navy for ten years and I've seen mach 1 + fly-byes.


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