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Sighting Report

Citrus Heights, Ca. USA
September 29th 2001

Name: Mark

E-mail: elegantadditions@prodigy.net

Citrus Heights, Ca. U.S.A.

09-29-01 approx. 9 pm west coast time

Approach Direction:
Appeared in the east north east sky at about 45 degrees in the sky.

Departure Direction:
It departed to the south horizontaly

Witness Direction:
East north east

A very bright white light appeared I assumed it to be at first a spot light.then it moved slowly at first in a southerly direction and quickly gaining speed.It seemed to start curving away from me and appeared to move at an astronomical rate of speed out into the solar system.the light seemed to be disappear into infinity.

Very bright white light about the tenth of the size of a full moon but same intensity of light.

Height & Speed:
Object seemed to be very high inside our atmosphere or outside the atmosphere.


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