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Sighting Report

Stanton, Michigan, USA
October 15th 2001

Name: Becky

E-mail: Withheld

Stanton, Michigan United States

Monday October 15, 2001. 12:30 A.M. Local time

Approach Direction:
Appeared to be standing still in the Northeastern sky

Departure Direction:
Vertical ascension but no departure

North East

I had just left work and stopped for my normal cup of java. After leaving, I was heading out of Stanton on the country roads. I was approximately 1 mile out of Stanton and heading east when I had noticed a few planes in the sky. I thought that this was quite a bit of airplane traffic at this time of night, especially since the 9-11-2001 event. I had looked over to the Northeast section of the sky and notice a larger light in the sky. This was much larger and much lower than a star. The light was not a brillant light but it appeared to be bright, however, it had a misty haze to it. It just stood still, it did not blink like a plane. From my perspective about the size of a dime (or somewhat smaller), in relationship, at least 4-5 times the size of either a plane or star. I began to discard the thought of seeing this object, and thinking I have been working too many hours.

I came upon the next street to turn to the left or North. After I had rounded the corner and headed a few blocks north, I had decided to take another glance at the object. When I had looked up at the object all of the sudden flashes of what looked like red lazer beam lines appeared. It is very hard to communicate what I saw. The red lazer beams did not shoot accross the sky, but they were contained within an area surrounding this object. The only way I can describe it is to say a circle within a circle. The object ( hazed light) that I had seen was the center of this circular area, and the red lazer lines - several red lazer lines - extended out away from this object in all directions and abruptly came to a halt. When looking where all the red lines halted, this gave the appearance of a jagged circular pattern surrounding this white hazed object. These red lines were all straight lines, some of which crossed over each other, creating some triangles within this area. The size of this circular area (containing theses short red lazer beam lines )in comparison to the object would be like putting a dime in the center of a silver dollar.

I was frighteded by this sight. After seeing this I turned around in the next closest drive (between 1/4 - 1/2 mile) and immediately headed back to town. I had never seen anything like it. Once in town I gathered my senses, and in a few minutes started to head back home. I stopped at an intersection just outside of town and watched this object for at least another 5 minutes before I would proceed home. What I found very interesting was that this object slowly ascended vertically in the sky and as it was ascending the light became less hazed and clearer. I watched over this object for awhile, because if any more red lazer lines were to appear I was definately not going to go any further. As far as I was concerned this was to close to home. Anyways, I felt more secure when this object ascended upwards. Therefore, I headed to the next intersection and stopped for a few minutes. The more it ascended vertically the more it appeared to look like a star. At this point I felt s! ecure to go home. Once home I had to use the facilities, and when washing my hands I had looked in the mirror and noticed that I had a red circular patch on my throat. The next morning when I woke up the red patch was gone. This was strange I have never been known to break out with hives when under stress, or from anything else.

I have questions now. Has anyone ever seen anything like this? Is this military or alien? I have not mentioned this sighting to very many people in fear of be ostrasized.

White light with misty haze - circular in shape

Height & Speed:
Height in the sky would be at approximately the same level as a small plane would fly this stayed still in the sky and when departed it slowly ascended virtically and stopped at the height of what a star appears


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