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Sighting Report

Watertown, Connecticut, USA
October 20th 2001

Name: Karen

E-mail: Withheld

Watertown, CT, USA

10/20/01 Local time 10:30PM

Approach Direction:


Witness Direction:
One west, one north

My husband and I were sitting in our hottub. It was a beautiful, clear, starry, cloudless night. We watched a plane go overhead at approx 10:25pm. A few minutes later I noticed a distortion appear coming out of the west. You could tell there was an object there because the distortion made a circular shape. There was a ring of small lights on what I will call the front(the portion moving towards the east). I immediately said to my husband, what is that. As it passed over our heads he noticed the distortion as it headed away. I lost it trying to turn around. He did not see any ring of lights above the distortion the way I did. It moved quickly almost gliding through the sky. It was completely silent. If it hadn't been for the distortion you would not have noticed it at all because it seemed to be camoflaged with the night sky. I hate to use this analogy but in the movie Predator you can tell the creature is there by the distortion, but you can't see any other type of identifying marks. That's the best way I know how to describe it. We are still asking ourselves, what the h... was that.

Small lights in a row on the "top" front only. Distortion that was just like the night sky

Height & Speed:
Approx.500 ft going roughly 500 miles per hr.(just a guess) Was faster than plane and glided in total silence.

TV/Radio/Press: Not that I am aware of.


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