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Sighting Report

Akron, Ohio, USA
October 23rd 2001

Name: Tami

E-mail: Purpleufo@aol.com

Akron, Ohio USA


Approach Direction:

Departure Direction:

Witness Direction:

While visiting my sister last night, we were out in her yard looking for " the lights" we observed Star like objects moving up and down in the sky, we got a few hours of video.

The lights looked like bright stars, but they were moving up and down, we observed these lights until the last one disappeared and 8:00am this morning, we frist noticed these " lights" while camping on Aug 14th 2001. we have seen these " lights" everynight since then, the "lights" are very bright, and sometimes they can be seen below the clouds, we can only see an actual image of the lights, when viewed through on the tape, some of these lights act as though they are alive, and can be seen on video " morphing " other " lights" will move quickly and sliently across the sky comming from the west, they can also be seen returning to the west in the early morning hours, we see alot of triangle formations, of three lights, they are not as bright as the others, when seen through binoculars you can not see through the triangle, there is a red light in the center of the triangle.

Height & Speed:
The heights varied throughout the night, when clouds were over head, you could flashs of lights through the clouds, some would shoot straight up in the air and disappear, and some would stay just below the clouds.


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